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Oct 13, 2016
I have successfully passed my ASP Exam thanks to your course. Super excited to take the CSP course.
Oct 3, 2016
I passed the CSP after passing the ASP at the end of June!! Such a great feeling of accomplishment after the tireless hours of studying and prepping for the exams. I want to personally thank Mike Edens for an excellent review course (ASP/CSP review) and to Rick for holding the open study sessions (very helpful to stay sharp and to ask questions on topics I was stuck on).

I wish everyone the best with their preparations and in sitting for the exams. I know I would not have been able to pass the exams without the help of Bowen. For those who are intimidated or doubting yourself, schedule the exams, remain optimistic (this is key) and trust in what you've learned/know.
Sep 26, 2016
Passed the CSP Today! The Bowen course and resources definitely helped a lot. I'd like to send a thank you to Mike and the entire Bowen staff.
Sep 23, 2016
I passed the ASP! It was definitely a tough exam and took most of the time to complete. I think the worst part was getting handed the paper to see if it said pass on it or not. Not too much math and a lot of questions on safety management and training. I took the ASP prep course and I think it gave me a pretty good foundation. I had Nicole as an instructor and she is very good and hopefully she is teaching the CSP course coming up soon. Thanks Nicole!
Sep 11, 2016
I passed the ASP and it was not as brutal as I had made it out in my mind. Nicole and Rick were both great instructors that helped me pass the exam. On my exam there did not seem to be much in the way of calculations required and all equations were given. There were some conversions required but all the math problems were fairly straight forward. My exam seemed to mostly consist of management and training questions.
Sep 3, 2016
I was in your ASP class the last 6 weeks. I took my ASP exam a day after our final review. Just wanted to let you know I passed the exam and I am very thankful I took your class. I have an OHST certification as well but it was really beneficial to revisit a lot of the information. I did not take a review class for my OHSTexam and was glad to have taken your review class because you helped me really understand the information. Thanks again!
Aug 17, 2016
I took the CSP exam and passed! There were several math questions and a lot of questions regarding system safety methods, training, and fire protection. The Bowen course and resources helped a lot. The practice quizzes really helped me to prepare. I also read Brauer's Safety and Health for Engineers text book. That helped as well. Good luck!
Aug 17, 2016
I passed the ASP exam! Not too many math questions.The test was mainly-Management theories, ergo, risk management, environmental & hazmat. Good luck to you all!!! :) Thanks Mike for all the help in the course!
Aug 4, 2016
I passed my ASP! What a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. I delayed my exam and pushed it back a few times but finally sat for the exam, to those of you out there in the same boat commit to a study plan and book the exam and hold yourself accountable. Bowen gives you the template and resources needed to pass the exam, more importantly how questions are formatted. I took the entire 5 hrs for the exam and flagged about 40 questions, I'm glad I reviewed some answers because there are some tricky ones. I did order the ASP/CSP self assessment and that seemed to help as far as question format/wording. Special thanks to Mike Edens and his ASP/CSP review course, couldn't of done it without him!
Aug 2, 2016
2nd Time is a charm...
I passed my CSP exam on Saturday! I would strongly recommend reading the Brauer book and reviewing system safety, engineering economy, risk management and risk assessment. Thanks again to the Bowen EHS team!
Aug 1, 2016
Passed the ASP Exam! Great course. There are a lot of really good resources to take advantage of with this course, not only study for the ASP, but to also gain some additional safety & health knowledge. I reviewed the lecture materials, homework problems, practice quizzes/exams and took the BCSP ASP Self-Assessment. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in the course, Mike.
Jul 29, 2016
Passed my ASP exam yesterday! I am very grateful to the Bowen team for the prep course and access to all the information that helped me succeed. Taking a break and will plan to take the CSP in November.
Jul 26, 2016
I passed my ASP in May and the CSP today!!! Like other students, I saw a lot of engineering economy, system safety and management questions. I'm glad I studied a lot for the exam using the Bowen course book and Yates' book and bought the CSP Blueprint, that was very helpful.
I would like to thank Jon Wallace for his excellent instruction. And thank you to Bowen for providing these great services. I used the Bowen practice quiz app too.
Jul 25, 2016
Passed my ASP in May and my CSP today. I had a lot of traveling to do for work but I would suggest taking it quicker if possible. As others commented, there is less math on the CSP than the ASP but you don't get some of the equations. There was a a lot of safety management and engineering economy. For everyone feeling unsure, take the test. It's definitely doable, particularly after the course. Thanks to everyone on the Bowen team.
Jul 19, 2016
Dear Russ, just wanted to let you know that I passed the CSP. It was mostly Management like you said and I probably could have taken it right after my CIH but I didn’t want to chance it and it also increased my knowledge. Thank you for your support and I have been recommending your course to all my co-workers.
Jul 12, 2016
I passed the CSP today! Surprisingly, I found that there was less math than I expected on the ASP and more math than I expected on the CSP. Thanks to Rick and Mike for your help.
Jun 9, 2016
I took and passed my ASP. This was my second attempt. My first attempt was back in November and I failed by two points. I took the ASP review course from Bowen taught by Jon Wallace. What a difference that made. I have to admit that I was not real confident on passing the second time. I could barely contain my excitement when the Moderator handed my the paper with "PASS" at the top. Thank you Jon Wallace for walking me through the material.
Jun 6, 2016
I am happy to share the news that I passed the CSP exam a few days ago! Since I’m already a CIH, I found that the CSP exam was not nearly as hard as the CIH. However, I still managed to study for three solid months along with the Bowen’s ASP/CSP course. The CSP exam is very broad, but luckily I know most of the occupational health part from being an industrial hygienist. So I spend more time on areas I'm struggled with, such as Safety Systems and Risk Management. After all the efforts, I’m very happy to obtain the CSP! Thank you Nick and the Bowen's team. Your course is really helpful. Good Job!
Jun 2, 2016
I passed the CSP this morning almost 3 years after my first try. Still a real bugger. Very few formulas given. Not a lot of math. Many questions regarding management safety theories and practice. I was not confident that I passed, but 5 hours into it I had answered all the questions and sure enough, Score: Pass. WooHoo! What a weight lifted. Thanks Bowen for the help.
May 23, 2016
Sat for the ASP and was so thrilled to see the word "pass" on the paper!!!! Thank you Jon Wallace, your instruction was extremely helpful.
May 20, 2016
Thanks again to Mike and the entire Bowen EHS team. I am beyond excited to say that I passed the exam. It was a pleasure sitting through the prep. course with everyone. I learned a lot! Good luck to everyone as you prepare for the exams!
May 19, 2016
Cannot believe I've actually made it! Finished the ASP/CSP Prep course 4/7, passed ASP exam 4/25, (which I thought was impossible considering how I felt during the test), and although nervous about scheduling the CSP exam, I did and passed today!! It was just a few hours ago so I am still in shock but feeling accomplished! Thank you to Mike, Nicole, any other interaction I had with Bowen instructors, and my classmates for their participation! For the CSP, I really focused on all of the chapters in the 30s in the Bauer book and took the self assessment; reviewed the flashcards I made during the ASP/CSP prep course; paid very little attention to reviewing the math, and went for it! Lots and lots and lots of conceptual questions and kind of hard to tell you what to study but use the foundation from the Bowen course, your professional knowledge, and your common sense and you'll nail it! Happy studying!
May 7, 2016
I guess I'm proof you can wait 6 months after the review course and pass! It just took a whole lot of studying! I watched the lectures about 3 times each and reviewed the quizzes a few times as well as the final. I used the ASP self assessment. Took it twice, then just started studying from it. Read a little from the Brauer book, went through the flash cards from Bowen and used their quiz app. I don't know what my score was yet, but I'll agree with others that it is a lot of safety management systems, environmental, electrical, and training. Thanks, Mikey, for a great class!
May 7, 2016
Just wanted to let everyone know that I passed the CSP today! I took the ASP a couple of days after the review course and took the CSP this morning and was happy to see "PASS" on my printout. Needless to say it has been a long journey to get to this point and I am so happy it is over.

As far as the test is concerned...I would definitely brush up even more on System Safety, Management, and Training. Knowing the ins and outs of these three topics will help immensely. All in all the test wasn't a "gimme" by a long shot but nothing impossible with a little effort and time. I do want to truly thank Bowen EHS for their support and for creating a great platform for EHS Professionals. Good luck to everyone sitting for any certification.
Apr 29, 2016
I passed the CSP! It was definitely a hard test for me, some questions did not have formulas and I took the entire time. I can say that I could not have made a better decision than to use the Bowen study course. It kept me on track with what I needed to study.
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