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Subscription Glossary - Premium Membership

What are the definitions of the terms are used by the Bowen EHS Premium Membership subscription process?

Auto-Renewing: Your membership will automatically renew at the end of every term (3 months or one year). This is the same as recurring.

Non-Renewing: Your membership will expire (not renew) at the end of its term. You can manually renew your membership before or after the expiration date.

Renewal Date: If you have an auto-renewing membership, this is the date that your next subscription term will begin.

Expiration Date: If you have a non-renewing membership or have cancelled your membership, this is the date that your subscription will end.

Pending: Your subscription plan has changes that are scheduled to take effect when your subscription renews.

Scheduled Changes: These are the details of the subscription plan that will take effect at your next renewal.

Cancel: Cancelling will stop your subscription from renewing. You will still have Premium Membership for the remainder of your current term (until your subscription's expiration date).

Valid (for credit card or bank card): Our payment processor validated your card when your last invoice was paid. You will still need to ensure that your card has a sufficient balance or credit limit for your next payment.

Expired (for credit card or bank card): The payment method that you have on file has expired, and your next subscription payment will fail unless you update your payment information.