March 27, 2013

You May Want To Write This Down

Written by  Russell Bowen

I don't know about you, but I am a list maker--all kinds of lists: things I want to accomplish today, topics to cover in meetings, subjects for future musings, assignments for my team, and interesting things to share with my wife when I see her again, to name a few. Maybe it's because I'm over 40, but I find it quite frustrating when I cannot remember something.

Yesterday I wanted to discuss an idea with my wife while she was preparing breakfast, but I could not for the life of me remember what it was. I ended up walking around in the kitchen in a kind of funk, thinking that might jog my memory. I knew the idea itself wasn't that important, but it really bothered me that I could not remember. Eventually, it came back to me and that nagging feeling vanished. I guess I need to remember to keep a notepad with me. (Let me write that down.)

Sometimes I refer to my lists, and sometimes I don't. However, I find the physical act of writing helps me to remember the information, more so than when I just read, listen or highlight text. I believe this be true for most people, no matter whether they're four years old, 40 or 140. So, if you are studying for a certification exam, be sure to write down notes as you review material, even if you don't think you'll read them again. It's worth the timeā€”and the ink.

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