January 28, 2011

CIH Ethics Requirement

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The ABIH requires at least 2 hours of ethics training before allowing candidates to sit for the comprehensive industrial hygiene exam. The requirement may be met through ethics training provided through your work place or through a formal ethics class.

This requirement was started in 2010, and the ABIH has been willing to accept ethics documentation after the testing application deadline. Recently the ABIH has indicated that all applications must be complete by the application deadline starting with the Fall 2011  testing cycle. Application deadlines are  Feb 1 for Spring exams and Aug 1 for Fall exams.

Bowen EHS adjusts CIH Online Review Course Schedule

The CIH Online Review Course includes a 2 hour ethics lecture. To help you meet the application deadlines, we are adjusting our online review course schedule starting in with the Fall 2011 course. The CIH Online Review Course will start at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline. This will allow our course participants to fulfill the ethics requirement and submit to the ABIH in time. We will start mid-July for the Fall courses and mid-January for the Spring courses.

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