April 9, 2013

How does Bowen EHS Compare to the Competition?

Written by  Russell Bowen

Sometimes a potential client will ask, "so, what makes Bowen's training better than anyone else's? What's so different about you?"

Well, the answer is quite simply that we provide the greatest health and safety exam prep in the universe!


Now, of course, I am admittedly somewhat biased in my assessment.

However, here's the short List of why I believe we are the best.


  1. Our #1 Goal: to help our clients pass their certification exams. We only succeed if you do. This is no part-time job or volunteer outlet for us. This is our commitment to you.
  2. Our interactive member center is chock-full of resources to help you study. Clients receive a year-long membership that includes practice quizzes, study questions, podcasts, subject specific forums and the ability to prepare with over 500 health and safety professionals. What you may not know is that we hold frequent online hour-long study sessions, during which premium members can ask live instructors for help on the topic(s) of their choice. It's a little like the open office hours your professors held in college.
  3. Our guarantee is a real guarantee. In the event that you need to take your exam again, you can repeat the online review at no cost. (The exam must be taken within one year of your course start date (workshop or online review).
  4. We know learning at workshops can be a little like drinking from a fire hose. We get it. That's why our workshop participants have access to lecture recordings and homework for one year from the start of their course. We don't believe in sending you off on your own after the workshop is over.
  5. We're small but committed. We have five full time employees dedicated to giving you the tools you need to succeed. We take your success personally. We understand balance and the demands of a life outside of work. So while our offices aren't open 24/7, we do pride ourselves on responding quickly and efficiently during normal business hours, and checking our email at least once daily during non-business days.
  6. All of our instructors are certified. They have been in your shoes, sat in that uncomfortable chair for hours and sweated through the exams. Some passed the first time, some didn't. They know what it takes to be successful, and have designed our courses to give you the structure and the foundation you need to pass.
  7. Our instructors update the materials after each course to improve the educational experience. We always incorporate feedback from our clients to make sure we're on target. We are continually looking for ways to improve our training.
  8. Learning with us earns you college credit. Our courses are approved for CEUs through the University of Iowa Heartland Center for Occupational Health and Safety.
  9. We work just as hard to help our Premium Members as we do to support our course enrollees. Whether you've invested $99.95 or $1,595.00, you can be sure that we will be here to help you pass your exam.
  10. While we're probably not the smartest health and safety professionals in the universe, we do have a proven track record of successfully teaching health and safety professionals throughout the world (our clients have worked on all 7 continents), and we're looking for opportunities to help our Martian friends as well.

We have competitors that are able to meet a few of the items listed above, but there is no other organization providing the same high-quality package for exam prep as Bowen EHS, Inc. I guarantee it!

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