September 25, 2013

I'm Taking the CIH Exam (Again)!

Written by  Russell Bowen

I've set the date. I am taking the CIH exam again on October 10, 2013. This will be the third time I've taken the exam. I failed the exam on my first attempt in 1998, studied a bit more, and was successful on my second attempt in 1999.

There are a few reasons why I decided to take the test again.

First, I am curious. It's been over 10 years since I took the exam and I want to see how it has changed. To give you a little history, when I last took the test, I used paper and pencil at AIHce 1999 in Toronto. The test was administered in a big ballroom at one of the conference hotels and I remember eating lunch at the break with several other candidates. It was a little disheartening talking over lunch and thinking about all the wrong answers I'd chosen.

I know this time it will be shorter, I will be using a computer, and I will be limited on the scratch paper allowed. No lunch time commiseration with fellow test-takers.

Second, it's time for me to renew my certification. Rather than completing the worksheets and hoping I have 40 CM points, I am opting to retake the exam.

Third, I am a little concerned about my ability to adequately maintain my points. While I do attend the conference each year, I believe it ethically questionable on whether I can count my attendance for points. When I am at the conference, I find that I have very little time to attend sessions because I spend most of my time working at the Bowen EHS exhibit booth and attending meetings.

And finally, I am taking the exam to provide a test of our service. I've been teaching CIH Review courses for about 10 years now and many of our clients have successfully passed the exam. It's time I put myself in our clients shoes and see if perhaps there are things we can do better.

I don't plan to do much additional studying for the exam as I just completed presenting a CIH Online Review course and a CIH workshop. It will be interesting to see how well I do. I know that I just need to get 64.7% of the "real" questions correct. One of the participants in this recent CIH Exam Workshop said it'd be funny if I failed. I'm not sure I would actually laugh, but I certainly understand the irony.

I know that if I am unsuccessful, I intend follow my own advice by studying the things that gave me trouble and retaking the exam again next spring.

I will also be sure to report on my testing experience with a future musing.


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