December 12, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...A New CIH is Here!

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Another testing window for the CIH exam has come and gone and with that some new CIHs were born. We at Bowen EHS, Inc. are happy to be part of this journey with our clients and it's always a joy to hear of their success.

We have heard from quite a few of our clients, both those that were successful and those that will have the opportunity to take the exam again. One client's email stood out to us as it listed why our online class worked for him along with advice to those that may be preparing to take the exam in the future.

From his computer to yours, we hope this client "Musing" is a gift that will help you prosper in your studies and know that we are always here to cheer you on!

A Client Musing


First - I wanted to thank you and your team for helping me prepare for the exam. The ability to take the class over 2 months helped in a number of ways:

1.) You can always go back and re-listen to the lectures and read people comments for the lectures.

2.) I have a hard time sitting still for week long classes. As someone who is always up and about I tend to lose focus after 30 -45 minutes at best.

3.) You can do it from the comfort of your living room.

Second - The format of the forums is really nice. I wish I would have subscribed sooner. I would encourage anyone who is preparing to take the exam to download your questions at a minimum.

Third - Not sure how feasible it is with your format but a lecture just on TLV may be worthwhile. There is a lot to cover.

Fourth - I would encourage anyone wanting to study the TLV guide to purchase the download it rather than the "pocket" size book and then load it into a 3 ring binder.

Fifth - Calculator practice. Practice and practice some more.

Sixth - Toxicology and Industries are very hard to study for just based on the sheer volume of the data.

Seventh - When it comes to questions that are "based" on standards, the questions did not use the language of the standard verbatim that some of us may be used to. Read and understand what you are being asked.

Eighth - There are not always formulas for some of the questions. So it's important to know and write down units to figure out how to get from Point A to Point B.

Ninth - If someone is getting frustrating or tired, get up and walk around during the test. Time is limited but when I was tense, I could not think.

Have a safe holiday season."


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