February 26, 2013

My Safe Truck Purchase

Written by  Russell Bowen

I recently bought a truck. It is a pretty good sized vehicle with a V-8 engine and an extended cab. It's the biggest vehicle I have ever owned.

I originally planned to buy a small pickup with a small engine and only a front seat, but then I got to thinking. I have kids, and they would probably want to ride in the truck on occasion, and putting kids in the front seat of a motor vehicle puts them at increased risk. So, that put me in the market for a small pickup with an extended cab.

I found a model that has small "jump" seats behind the front seat of a small truck, but then I realized that these "jump" seats will not accommodate the booster seats my kids currently use. That put me in the market for a full-sized truck.

Wow. It is a big truck. I can actually see around other vehicles as I move down the road. Of course, the gas mileage is pretty low, but the safety factor is certainly there. My biggest client in the truck decision was my wife. She is not a big fan of the low gas mileage, but she definitely appreciates having a safe way to transport our children.

It is not too uncommon for me to hear people say "safety is their highest priority" or "there is no acceptable risk". However, their true beliefs can often be seen in the ways they make decisions. Where is safety in the decision process for purchases? Do we buy the safest vehicles on the road or the one that is least expensive? Do we pay extra for new safety features or do we dismiss them without serious consideration?

I rarely believe there is a definitive "right" and "wrong" answer in most decisions, but the process of considering the trade-offs regarding cost and risk are important. They are important on the job, and they are important in our personal lives as well.

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