October 11, 2013

Preliminary Exam Results Are In

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Woooo Hoooooo!!!!!!


Hip hip hoorrraaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!

I did it!  I took the CIH exam again yesterday, and I passed.  Afterwards, I stopped at the office on the way home to share the good news, and I went to the liquor store and purchased a 12-year old bottle of single malt Scotch whiskey.  It is very smooth.


I rested on Wednesday afternoon, and I slept well the night before.  Yesterday morning, I ate oatmeal for breakfast, and I left early for the exam center.

I did not do any extra studying for the exam.  I've been teaching the CIH review course for 10 years which appears to have been adequate preparation.


I arrived at the testing center about 30 minutes early.  The staff were very polite and professional.  There were a total of 3 staff members at my testing location and 2 separate testing rooms.  One staff member was a little uncertain about my use of calculators, but the first member assured her that he had verified the requirements.

I took the test at a testing cubicle.  I heard that many of the test-takers were taking the GRE exam, but I am sure other tests were administered as well.  It was quiet, and I had no difficulty concentrating without the use of ear muffs.  Instructions at the center indicated I could have use a pair of my own ear plugs if I chose.  There were thermometers mounted on two walls of the testing room.  Each read about 72 F, although I did not look too closely at the thermometers.

As I went through the exam, I classified each question based on my level of confidence regarding my answer.  I marked 23 questions with a low level of confidence, 65 questions with a medium level of confidence, and 112 with a high confidence level regarding my chosen solutions.

I took about 15 minutes during the optional break between the two exam parts.  I drank a bit of water and ate a nutrion bar.

I went through each part of the exam twice.  It took me about an hour to go through each part of the exam the first time.  After the first part of the exam, there were 14 questions which I'd skipped becaused they required some form of calculation.  On the second part, there were 18 questions that needed to be calculated.


I highly recommend planning to go through the exam twice.  Skip all questions taking more than 40 seconds the first time through.  It was tempting for me to work each problem as it came, but I'm glad I chose to move through each part of the exam quickly the first time.  This left me lots of time leftover for doing the calculations at the end.

There were about 6 questions where I left comments.  I am quite certain that one of the questions did not have a correct answer, and there was another question that was very confusing, and I am reasonably certain that my answer would not be marked correct.

Overall, I give the exam very high marks.  I believe the test pretty much gets to the heart of comprehensive industrial hygiene.  I am also gratified to see that the materials in our CIH courses at Bowen EHS are well suited to helping people prepare for the exam.

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