May 29, 2012

Repetition, repetition, repetition, rep….

Written by  Russell Bowen

One of the things about learning new concepts and practices is that to really know the concept or practice, one must, well….. practice, practice and practice some more.  There are a few things that are easily learned the first time we are presented with the information, but most of the time, we must go through the material again and again and again.

This is especially true when preparing to take the CIH exam or the ASP exam or the CSP exam or the CHMM exam.  In order to do well, one must practice using the concepts. 

Many folks take a review course before sitting for their certification exam.  The review course is designed to review the fundamental concepts of the appropriate discipline.  However, it is very difficult to sit through 2 hours of online lecture or 7 hours of lecture in the case of an in-person workshop and grasp all of the material.  I think it is essentially impossible. 

One of the neat things with the online lectures is that they are recorded.  It is easy to go back and review the material multiple times.  Each time the material is reviewed, it sinks in just a little more and some of the concepts that were missed the first time the lecture was presented may have more meaning the second or third time.

Many of our successful clients have reported that they reviewed the recorded lectures two or three times before taking the exam.  I believe this is an excellent preparation strategy. 

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