January 13, 2015

Santa Brought Us A Robot

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Santa Claus brought the Bowen Learning network team a robot last Christmas. We named him Wally.

Wally is cute, and he does a decent job vacuuming the carpet in our training room, but he is not without his issues. About 1:00 am every day, Wally takes a random stroll around the training room. He sucks up hair and dust and bits of popcorn kernels left lying on the floor. When he is done cleaning Wally generally returns to his base where he gets charged up for cleaning the next morning.

Normally, everything works fine, but sometimes there are problems. Occasionally, he gets stuck. One day we came into work, and he was not at his station; we found him hung up under my futon (where I take my daily nap). The next time he was missing, we found him locked in an office. He had wandered in to vacuum the floor, and he shut the door behind him. Wally does not know how to open doors.

The worst problem we had with Wally was the time he took out our computer servers. He had wandered into the room, and bumped into the server power cord disconnecting it from the wall. It took us about 40 minutes of head scratching before we realized the cause of our internet outage.

We are learning to deal with Wally. He is teaching us about system safety on a personal level. We are learning to check our systems and office before leaving each evening, and making sure that we've minimized our risk Wally related problems.

Over all, we are happy to have Wally as a member of our team. He did a wonderful job on the pine needles this year and he helps us to use our time efficiently. No one really wants to vacuum the big room on a weekly basis, and Wally does it quite well (with just a few minor hiccups).


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