February 27, 2012

Ugh! I did not pass the exam!

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One of the greatest things about our job is that we frequently hear from our clients how our training and services were very helpful in passing their certification exam. I always have a warm, positive feeling after reading an email or talking with someone on the phone about their success. I make an effort to personally congratulate everyone that I speak with.

Unfortunately, not everyone passes their exam.  This is especially true of the CIH exam where the typical passing rate is between 35% and 40%.  I try to offer encouragement and suggestions on how to study for the next attempt.  Of course, as our guarantee states, we allow everyone that is unsuccessful after taking our exam online review or in-person workshop to take the course again at no cost. (the exam must be taken within in 1 year from the course end date.)

A few weeks ago, we received a phone call from an unhappy client.  He had recently taken the ASP/CSP Exam Workshop, and sat for the Safety Fundamentals (ASP) exam about a week later.  Unfortunately, he did not pass the exam.  He called us on his way home from the testing center and was understandably frustrated. 

We talked for about 10 minutes.  He mentioned that he was not prepared for the level of industrial hygiene and chemistry questions on the exam.  One comment that has particularly stuck in my mind is that he could not recommend our course.  Ugh!

I've thought a lot about this conversation since then.  I realize that Bowen EHS cannot be all things to all people and we are unlikely to meet the needs and desires of everyone.  It is far easier for me to focus only on the positive client comments  than to seriously think about the few negative comments.  Nevertheless, it is important that I pay attention to sincere criticism from our clients.  This is a valuable learning opportunity and I will continue to work on improving our services so that we may eventually meet the needs of almost all people.

I don't think it was an easy thing for the client to call and share his thoughts.  I greatly appreciate the phone call and I wish him success with his future exam.  

Please know that I am committed to helping all of our clients pass their certification exam and I will continue to work on improving our course offerings to meet this goal.

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