September 20, 2011

Using Your Sense of Smell While Studying for Your Exam Makes Scents

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Last week, I presented a CIH Exam Workshop in central Tennessee, and one of the suggestions from the class was to use a special scent while studying to take your CIH exam or ASP or CSP exam.  The idea is that smell has strong links to memory in your brain.  I know that some smells will take me instantly back to my childhood.

Perhaps, if you use a specific smell (perfume or cologne) while studying, that same smell used on the day of exam may increase your ability to recall information.

I'm not certain this would work, but I think it is worth a try.  Just don't be overpowering with the cologne or perfume.  You don't want to offend other test-takers or make it uncomfortable for people in the same review workshop.  The exams are tough, and every little bit can certainly help.  It just makes scents to give it a try.  (pun intended)

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