April 20, 2015

Exam Prep Questions Your Way

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When preparing for an EH&S certification exam, one of the hardest things to find are high-quality study questions. We believe practice, practice, and more practice is important as your prepare to take your certification exam. We write high-quality study questions challenging our clients and testing fundamental knowledge you need to know for your exam. We currently provide free study questions for the ASP-CSP, CIH, CHMM, and CLSO certification exams.

Another great thing about the Bowen EHS® Study Questions is that they are available in several different formats. Please remember that each format is pulling from the same database.

You may already be registered for the Free Study Questions we send out weekly via email. If not, you can register here. Did you know that the solutions and explanations for the most recent Study Questions are posted in the Free Resources Area of the Bowen EHS® Member Center? You can also practice with our online quizzes in the member center. Each quiz consists of 10 randomly chosen questions. Complete a quiz and find out how well you know your stuff. Register for a free membership. >>>

Maybe that's not enough. Purchase a Premium Membership to the Bowen EHS® Member Center, and you gain access to over 1000 study questions and you're able to take short topic-specific quizzes. Need extra practice on Radiation? There's a quiz for that! Premium Membership provides the best value as you have access to all study questions as well as regularly scheduled live study sessions. >>>

You may prefer to have something to write on. We have something for you too! Consider our Hard-Copy Workbooks or Downloadable eWorkbooks. Each book contains 50 random study questions that were previously emailed as part of our Free Study Question program. All books include the solutions and explanations in the back of the book. Purchase just one volume or all volumes. Get a better deal when you purchase a 3-Volume package. Available for the ASP-CSP, CIH, and CHMM certification exams. Visit the Bowen Learning Network Bookstore to purchase. >>>

Need something on the go? We have an app for that! Try the FREE Bowen EHS® Quiz Game Apps. Available for both the ASP-CSP certification exams and CIH certification exam. Take your studying with you wherever you go. Each quiz pulls 10 random questions from the Bowen EHS® Study Question database. Choose your answers and review the questions after the quiz. Available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets. Keep an eye out for the new version coming out soon! Bowen EHS Apps >>>

We are committed to your success!

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