October 11, 2016

Here's $50. Want It?

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We at Bowen EHS believe in what we do: helping people just like you pass your certification exam and supporting you through the entire process. We want to make sure we’re reaching the folks we’re targeting, and we could use your help. Do you remember the last Bowen EHS ad you saw? Where was it? Have you even seen a Bowen EHS ad anywhere?

More than likely, our ad wasn’t plastered next to the Eat More Chicken cows you passed while speeding down the highway. You also didn’t likely find it in The New York Times after the very entertaining debates. If not there, then where? Well, perhaps you found one while searching the web for an exam prep course for the Certified Safety Professional exam or reading about what’s new in industrial hygiene in The Synergist.

We’re itching to find out where our clients and potential clients are seeing our ads. We’re also curious about which publications and advertising avenues work best for us.

To make the discovery process easier, we updated all our ads to include a promo code. It’s like the Where’s Waldo of the health and safety field but it comes with a perk: find one, and you’ll receive $50 off a course enrollment or a premium membership to the Bowen EHS® Member Center. With the holidays just around the corner, that $50 savings can really come in handy. You can treat yourself to that perfect gift that won’t need to be returned at Walmart the day after Christmas: a certification exam review course!

So why are we offering $50 off??

One, we hope to entice you to set your 2017 New Year’s resolution early and commit to preparing for your certification exam. Two, as W. Edwards Deming, the famous data scientist, once said,

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

We have an opinion about what works best for Bowen EHS. However, we want to know which ad placements are working and which we might need to let go. Just like you do in running your household, we want to use our money in the smartest way possible.

So if you see a Bowen EHS ad with a code and plan to enroll in a 2017 course, make haste before November 30. You will save yourself five Alexander Hamiltons and help us better understand our marketing strategy. You win; we win; we all win for ad spin.

Also, if you register early and find a coworker, friend, or second cousin thrice removed who also wants to prepare for an EH&S certification, you can save even more cash with the early registration and group discounts.

Why are you still here? Find that ad and save some dough!

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