October 16, 2014

New CIHs Offered Helpful Tips & Guidance for Earning Certification Maintenance Credits

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For new CIHs, understanding how the Certification Maintenance (CM) system works is essential for maintaining their certification. CIHs are required to accrue CM points and submit a worksheet detailing the points at the end of each CM cycle. CM cycles are 60 months and CIHs can earn credits that come from a variety of categories, including: IH Practice, Committee Service, Publications, Education, Teach & Present, Exam and Other.

To help new CIHs, and existing Diplomates who need a refresher on CM requirements, ABIH has created a three-part series of presentations that explain the process and all of the necessary requirements. The online presentations can be found in the ABIH Document Library in the "New CIH Orientation" section. The presentations include:

  • Part 1 – Key Dates in the CM Cycle
  • Part 2 – Earning CM Credits
  • Part 3 – The CM Worksheet Review

"After going through the comprehensive process to become a CIH, it's important to fully understand how to earn and report CM credits," said Tracy Parsons, CIH, Administrative Program Manager at ABIH. "ABIH developed the series of short online presentations to clearly define the process, particularly for new CIHs, but the information also makes for a great refresher for everyone in the program."

The presentations and other helpful certification documents can be found at: http://abih.org/document-library.


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