February 23, 2012

Resource Center Name Change - March 1st

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The Resource Center will be changing its name to MEMBER CENTER on March 1st. We feel this name better emphasizes the contributions made by our members along with the additional resources provided by Bowen EHS, Inc. Premium Access to the Member Center will include all of the same benefits as the Premium Membership. All usernames and passwords will remain the same.

A 12-month membership provides an inexpensive alternative for you to review and prepare for the exam with other industrial hygienists and safety professionals from the comfort of your home or workplace. Get tips on how to study, topics to concentrate on, what to expect the day of the exam, and more! Advice and information is provided by a diverse group of professionals with experience in many different industries.

Premium Members can:

• Study with practice quizzes

• Participate in open study sessions for the exam

• Review previously recorded open study sessions

• Participate in Industrial Hygiene and Safety discussion forums

• Listen to Podcasts covering a variety of Health & Safety topics

• Download previously emailed study questions in PDF format - (a $150 value)

Only $49.95 for a 12-Month Membership!

(Please note that Online Review and Exam Workshop participants automatically receive 1 year of Premium Access.)

Premium Member Information

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