April 9, 2014

TLV Guidebook - A Guided Tour Podcast

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If you are preparing for the CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist) exam, you probably already know how important the TLVs ® and BEIs ® Guidebook is to your exam preparation.  What are the key concepts in this book one should be familiar with? Should I memorize all the TLVs and BEIs? What about Physical Agents TLVs?  Our senior instructor, Rick Supples, answers those questions and many more in our latest podcast "The TLV Guide - A Guided Tour".  Mr. Supples' excellent guided tour focuses on the areas of particular importance when using this guidebook as a source to prepare for the CIH exam.

This free podcast can be streamed through the free resources area of the Bowen EHS® Member Center.  Also available for download to premium members. Sign up or log in here.

The TLVs ® and BEIs ® Guidebook is also available for purchase through the Bowen Learning Network Bookstore.

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