Client Feedback: ASP®-CSP® Exam Courses

We love getting honest feedback from our clients. In addition to letting us know how we are doing, they let us know what worked or didn't work for them while preparing for their ASP® and CSP® exams.

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December 10, 2019
WOOOHOO!, I passed the CSP! Feeling so proud! I used the Yates and Brauer texts and took the Bowen Practice Exam like 50 times!


November 29, 2019
I passed the ASP! Wow, I feel so relieved. After so much hard work when you see the Passed word on the slip, the joy is indescribable. Thanks Bowen . Practice quizzes helped a lot. There were 200 questions and 300 minutes of allotted time. I thought it was 175 questions!


November 25, 2019
I passed my CSP today!! I should have taken the review course 3 months ago when I sat for my CSP exam for the first time! I didn’t pass the 1st time by 1 answer (which was frustrating, I even asked the Board for review) but on the other hand I expected it because I took the test without studying for the CSP. I enrolled in another Bowen EHS course and did as many practice questions as I could. Now I can enjoy the holidays and next year will start studying for the CIH. Thanks to Will, to the Bowen EHS team and to the rest of the participants for being part of my success in my journey to obtaining my ASP and CSP!


November 14, 2019
I took the CSP Prep Class in October of 2018 at the beginning of my study process. I just took the CSP Exam on Tuesday and passed. I wanted to thank the Bowen EHS organization for all of the hard work that went into putting together the study resources that are available through Bowen EHS. A big part of my study process involved the Bowen EHS CSP exam practice question vault and practice quizzes and going back through the downloaded lectures. Bowen EHS is an awesome resource and I have recommended it to several colleagues. I am now a dual certified CIH and CSP and it is mostly thanks to Bowen EHS. Keep up the good work.


November 12, 2019
Where to start! Thank you to Patrick for being such a great instructor and explaining everything so well. I found the exam did not contain as much math as I was expecting, but the Bowen EHS prepared me for many of the equations. The test only gave me about two equations, so memorizing many of them is very important. I utilized the test bank that Bowen provided and bought a CSP exam prep APP from the Apple store. In total, I think I took about 700 practice questions in the weeks leading up to the exam. I read David Yates's book, " Safety Professionals Reference and Study Guide," second edition cover to cover. This book could be considered a useful reference. However, it is full of mistakes and calculation errors. If you utilize this book as your only resource, it could leave you confused about some of the math examples. Overall I had an excellent experience with Bowen EHS and would recommend it to other test takers. Great Job!


November 1, 2019
This was my third time. The first time I was just not prepared. The second time I came away with 105 and needed 110 to pass, so close but so far away. Today I felt confident and sure I was going to pass. I used the ASP-CSP course and took all the tests on the website I could. I took so many that I ran out of available questions. I would take a quiz every other night and on the weekend I would read a chapter and review the weeks quizzes. A week before my exam I reviewed all the quizzes and watched youtube videos on Manslow, Heinrick, and Hertzburg. I reviewed short films on environmental disasters and worked on math problems. It worked for me! I PASSED TODAY! My emotions are very low normally but getting the paper from the proctor made me so happy I teared up a little bit and was surprised by that. I have worked towards this goal for a while now and now it has paid off. Thank you Bowen!


October 2, 2019
Well, to be honest, I didn’t feel very confident walking out but when the results printed I PASSED. I would say there were significantly fewer math and formula related questions than I was expecting and prepared for and many more programmatic and system-related questions, only a few requiring unit conversions. Thanks to Patrick and the other Bowen employees, as well as those who were in my prep class for sharing their knowledge. Onto CSP...


September 19, 2019
Hello everyone! I wanted to share this great accomplishment with you all! I sat down today to take the ASP Exam and I passed!!!!! I was really nervous walking into the exam but as the exam progressed, I started feeling really confident. High-level info on content - A lot of Safety Management systems, Training and Education, and Electrical safety questions! Some training strategies that worked for me: going through all the lecture recordings, doing all the practice quizzes over and over, and reading through the class booklet at least twice. I also purchased the BCSP Self-Assessment exam and did that a few times! A huge thanks to Russell Bowen for sharing his knowledge and doing a great job with the ASP Review course. Definitely set me up for success! Next up...CSP!


September 9, 2019
Thank you Bowen and thank you Patrick! Every time I saw a question about something you specifically went over, I heard your voice say you have to know this for the exam.


September 7, 2019
Happy to say, I passed today, the CSP, yes yippee! Questions were longer than the ASP. During the ASP I did not know that I would get the result directly after, so for the CSP I was agonizing closer to the end thinking, "I'm going to find out in 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5, 4, 3..." Glad to know, so I'm not sitting on hot coals the whole weekend.


September 7, 2019
Two weeks after passing the ASP, I passed the CSP! I finished the test in 2 hours and was sure I had failed, but somehow managed to pass. I was actually surprised at the increase in the level of difficulty from the ASP to the CSP exam. Thank you Patrick and Bowen EHS for helping me through this process. I would definitely recommend the ASP-CSP course to anyone looking for a prep course. This was the only study material I used for each exam, so it is possible to pass both tests without using any other study materials!


August 30, 2019
I passed the CSP ! Thank you all for the help - I'm recommending Bowen EHS to others who are ready for the ASP and/or CSP!