Client Feedback: ASP®-CSP® Exam Courses

We love getting honest feedback from our clients. In addition to letting us know how we are doing, they let us know what worked or didn't work for them while preparing for their ASP® and CSP® exams.

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September 9, 2019
Thank you Bowen and thank you Patrick! Every time I saw a question about something you specifically went over, I heard your voice say you have to know this for the exam.


September 7, 2019
Happy to say, I passed today, the CSP, yes yippee! Questions were longer than the ASP. During the ASP I did not know that I would get the result directly after, so for the CSP I was agonizing closer to the end thinking, "I'm going to find out in 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5, 4, 3..." Glad to know, so I'm not sitting on hot coals the whole weekend.


September 7, 2019
Two weeks after passing the ASP, I passed the CSP! I finished the test in 2 hours and was sure I had failed, but somehow managed to pass. I was actually surprised at the increase in the level of difficulty from the ASP to the CSP exam. Thank you Patrick and Bowen EHS for helping me through this process. I would definitely recommend the ASP-CSP course to anyone looking for a prep course. This was the only study material I used for each exam, so it is possible to pass both tests without using any other study materials!


August 30, 2019
I passed the CSP ! Thank you all for the help - I'm recommending Bowen EHS to others who are ready for the ASP and/or CSP!


August 26, 2019
I am thrilled to say I am finally a CSP after passing the exam. I took the ASP/CSP prep course with Patrick as my instructor. He did a phenomenal job with the course. I will say it took me multiple times to pass both the ASP and CSP, but at the end of the day, all that counts is that you pass. I want to say to anyone who has taken the exam and did not pass the first time, or to anyone who is about to take the ASP and/or CSP. DO NOT GIVE UP. It will all be worth it once you get that passing score. Thanks again to Russ and Patrick for all the help you provided throughout the course and even after the course was completed. I will highly recommend the Bowen Prep Course to anyone taking the exams.


August 26, 2019
Passed the CSP! I took the ASP/CSP course with Patrick but did so asynchronously. I watched all the videos, did all the homework, the pre-test, final, and makeup final. I took the ASP in 2017, and this time my work offered Bowen and it was very helpful. I will say that the exam surprised me this time around. There were many questions about change management, but having just completed my MBA with a concentration in organizational change I was well prepared. But, I mention it because if you haven't studied change management you should maybe get familiar with it. There were a lot of Environmental questions that stood out for me, I'm not strong or even really experienced in enviro., so for others looking to study maybe work some of the extra questions Bowen offers. Patrick, thanks for your help and thank you for your terrible dad jokes, I've already used a couple of them.  


August 23, 2019
Passed the ASP exam today. Registering for the CSP now! A big shout out to Pat for all the help! Great course. On a side note, my wife was a big fan of your jokes :)


August 21, 2019
Passed the ASP last week, CSP today. I took the course with Patrick which was a huge help for the ASP. I completed many study exams from the vault, studied what I missed and also read up on what exactly the incorrect options really were. I read Brauer, made flashcards, re-watched the classes, and reviewed/studied like mad since the end of the class in July. Although a common theme was to skip the math, I worked really hard at the math and I think that helped me a lot with the ASP. I did flag the math and went back to it but had plenty of time and most came fairly easy from the practice. I jumped right back in for the CSP exam a week later and although I passed, it really was tough. Finished with 8 minutes to spare. Flagged the math, which there were not as many questions, but much more complicated, multiple-step problems. The topics go so much deeper than the ASP and more so than I expected. It really takes knowing and understanding the material. Lots of system and management questions. Just so glad it's over! Patrick, thanks so much for the job you did with the summer class, not sure what I would have done without it!


August 14, 2019
I passed the CSP exam yesterday! Huge thanks to Patrick and the Bowen resources for helping me get through the study process and the exam. Once I was eligible to take the exam, I picked a date and stuck to it. This not only pushed me to study religiously up until the exam, but it also gave me something to look forward to. I studied for approximately 175 hours total spread out over three months before the exam. I completed the ASP/CSP review course with Patrick as my main study method. I watched all the lectures a second time about a week before the exam date and completed hundreds of questions in the study vault throughout the three months. I also completed all of the homework questions, final exam, pre-exam, and makeup exam three times in total. I read the Safety Engineers book by Brauer and kept a list of concepts and topics that I needed extra practice with. The actual exam took me about 5 hours and ten minutes to complete which included one break that lasted about 4 minutes. I read through all of the questions and answered any that I was absolutely sure of. Then I began going through the questions that I felt less confident with and was able to eliminate 2 answers on the majority of these to give myself a 50% chance of answering it correctly. There were a few questions involving concepts that I just had no clue about and I took educated guesses on these questions. Many thanks to Patrick and the Bowen resources for helping me pass!


August 6, 2019
Passed my ASP exam on the first try. I used the practice quizzes and the study vault questions until I was constantly scoring 45 out of 50 on the practice test. I'm going to try and complete the CSP in the next three weeks.


August 5, 2019
I completed the summer ASP-CSP course and thank you, Pat, for a great course! I studied the Brauer and Yates' reference books and completed numerous 10 and 50 question quizzes. As others have already mentioned, make sure you understand the concepts well. Also, one doesn't have to get every question correct as there were questions/topics I had not seen in my work experience or study. Many of the questions are longer than the practice quizzes. My brain was fatigued during the 4th hour so make sure you consider that when going through the exam. You will never feel totally prepared so just go ahead and jump in and take the exam. Worst case scenario is you have to retake it after 6 weeks. Good luck to everyone!


August 2, 2019
I feel happy and grateful saying that 10 months after starting the 2018-10 ASP-CSP Online Review, I have earned my CSP.  I earned the ASP back in June. Passing both of these tests, let alone even sitting for them, to begin with, was facilitated by the strategic and thoughtful instruction of Patrick Lee and Russ Bowen. Thank you both, (and everyone at Bowen EHS) so very much for your dedication and enthusiastic teaching! I primarily made use of the classroom materials and the ASP/CSP app for the bulk of my studying and passed both tests on the first go around. Admittedly, a fair number of the questions on the CSP exam were beyond the precise scope of the coursework, but even for many of these, given the robust background of safety topics and specifics that we covered, I felt confident in my ability to work out the answers to much what I hadn't directly been exposed to just yet. So, strategically, this course really worked for me! I also have to say that it was a lot of fun learning or relearning all of the various safety topics out there. I feel like I have been exposed to a bunch of different languages, and I am now more proficient in each of them than I was before. Do I feel like the coursework and earning the ASP and CSP have turned me into the ultimate safety guru? No!  But I do feel like what I have learned, and what I have accomplished has made me feel significantly more confident in my ability to both know my current limits, and also to move more boldly into more challenging safety work, knowing that I have a good baseline foundation upon which to build. And it was fun to do these courses from home or from whatever coffee shop or hotel room I could get myself to so that I could join up with the bi-weekly online formula gym!