Client Feedback: ASP®-CSP® Exam Courses

We love getting honest feedback from our clients. In addition to letting us know how we are doing, they let us know what worked or didn't work for them while preparing for their ASP® and CSP® exams.

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September 11, 2020
I passed my ASP. Lots of questionson training, fall protection segregation and separation in fire protection and system management. Looking forward to my CSP! Thanks Pat and William for all your assistance! Much appreciated.


August 10, 2020
Passed my CSP! Thank you Bowen for the great study material especially the practice quizzes.


August 7, 2020
Thank you once again to Bowen EHS for the great prep courses. When I passed the ASP 5 years ago I credited the prep class I took then. After passing the CSP yesterday, I would do the same. Everyone I know who is looking to take either of these exams, I send to Bowen.


July 23, 2020
PASSED CSP! BOOM! Wearing a n95 for ~3+ hrs was the most comfortable thing about that exam..... I was in the CSP Prep course and I took a TON of practice tests through BOWEN and there is a CSP exam prep app. I feel that I had to pull from my personal experience rather than the Bowen material for a significant chunk of the population - if the Bowen class spent a couple slides on something there may be a lot more that you need to know about that topic. If I was fresh out of school with limited experience, I wouldn't have been able to pass it.


July 21, 2020
Passed the ASP! Patrick - thanks for the course and taking the time to really be there and answer questions to help us through. You made me feel comfortable with the material and signing up for the CSP exam today!!! Great instructor!


July 21, 2020
I passed the CSP exam...and so will you!! Without compromising the exam, here's my "two cents" for your exam success.Know the equations. They may or may not be provided on the exam, so I highly recommend you know them. And don't just know the equation, but understand which one is used and when. I actually had to use an engineering economics equation in reverse ...just glad I knew what equation worked for the scenario given. Calculators are not allowed in the testing site. The on-screen calculator works just like the one provided by Bowen EHS. Just be sure that each time you close out the on-screen calculator, be sure to set it to Classic Mode when you open it back up. If you don't, you'll get weird figures on the calculator and realize something is not looking right. Understand ALL material in the Bowen EHS review course book. It's not enough to just know the words or terms, but also the application of the terms. Take the time to go through the CSP 10'll be glad you did. I had 30 total pages (front and back!!) of notes outlining all of the items on the Blueprint. Well worth the time spent in preparing and learning the material. Some info is provided on the Blueprint presentation / handout (ROHS, REACH, etc). Review the Bowen EHS study questions. I have all questions to 2005. I found it helpful to separate them by topic so I could focus on a particular topic. You can get more info on the CIH and CHMM study vault. Bottom what you need to do to pass the exam!! I studied hours (no joke!!) each weekday and weekend for 5+ months, but it paid off in the end. THANK YOU Bowen EHS for all the exam material you provide us. You truly set up your students for success!! Highly recommended!!


July 18, 2020
Thankfully, I was able to have success on my first go-a-round with the ASP. I would like to thank the Bowen team and my peers on this platform for helping me get to this point. In regards to the test: It was not "hard" but not quite what I expected. Some tips and observations: 1. There was no "Formula Sheet"; if a formula was needed, it was provided in the question; 2. Questions were mostly conceptual and best practice-based; 3. Most all of the questions you can create a 50/50 chance for yourself; 4. Although Bowen is the best possible resource, employ others. Many of the same questions presented themselves as I got past the 10th practice exam; 5. Take your time, use your common sense, and trust your training and experience. Best of luck to everyone!


July 12, 2020
I took and passed the ASP!  It only took a global pandemic for me to finally make time to study. I essentially studied 2-3 hours a night for the past three weeks, re-watching all of Pat's classes, doing the homework again, and finally taking the final (and make-up). I used other Bowen resources (study vault, practice exams, etc). And also, I used an app called "Professional Pocket Prep" which had a bank of 700 questions. The test took me roughly 2.5 - 3 hours. I was surprised about the amount of questions regarding dust and performing fall protection equations. Thanks Pat! Thanks Bowen! Now I need to dig in and study for the CSP...


July 11, 2020
Hi, guys I passed my ASP exam this morning on the first try! Thank you Bowen EHS and Pat for your help. The study materials I used were pocket prep ASP/CSP, David Yates and Roger Brauer book. I took over 65 ASP exams on the Bowen website and studied easily 2-3hrs a day for 6 months. I think the key to success on this exam is being exposed to a multitude of study material to draw upon. Also, eliminate the terrible answers so the odds are in your favor. Really excited. Good luck to all!


July 7, 2020
I sat for and passed the ASP in June and passed the CSP three weeks later.  In my opinion, the CSP was much more difficult. The questions were longer and wordier and required much more thought and application. For my experience, neither exam was particularly heavy on math. While sitting and taking both exams I was not very confident that I was going to pass, but, to my surprise, more so with CSP, the papers both said PASS! Thank you to Kyle for a very organized and structured lecture. I attended the January-March ASP-CSP review course. I ended up watching the lectures twice. I took countless quizzes offered through the premium membership which were extremely helpful and I am positive they assisted me in passing both exams. I also downloaded the pocket prep app for both the ASP and the CSP which was also extremely helpful. Lastly, I purchased and took notes on both the ASP and CSP self-assessment. Good Luck to anyone taking the exams!


May 26, 2020
Hi - I passed the CSP exam! I took the April Bowen CSP course and then studied with the course materials, index cards, and read through sections of the Safety and Health for Engineers textbook and the Safety Professional's Reference and Study Guide. Thanks for all the help in getting ready for the test!


May 21, 2020
Passed the CSP exam! After 4 rescheduled test dates I was finally able to sit and I am very glad to say I passed. Thank you to Kyle for doing an excellent job instructing the class! After reviewing each question and doing one final review before submitting; I can honestly say there was little to no doubt that I hadn't passed.