Client Feedback: ASP®-CSP® Exam Courses

We love getting honest feedback from our clients. In addition to letting us know how we are doing, they let us know what worked or didn't work for them while preparing for their ASP® and CSP® exams.

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June 20, 2019
Thanks to Russ and Mike and Will Pate for their excellent instruction and support in the two online courses I enrolled in, ASP-CSP 2017 and ASP 2019. I passed the CSP exam, first try. What a journey: been working on this since the spring of 2017 and reached the top of the mountain this morning. Now on to CHMM.  My study routine after passing the ASP six weeks ago was quite different. Along with re-listening to all the lectures and re-doing CSP practice exams (mainly to practice on the math), ASP 2019 homework assignments, and doing the CSP self-assessment (some of the references for the questions were from sources NOT on the BCSP reference blueprint), I did a deep dive on the BCSP's examination reference sheet on the domains and the blueprint on the references and acquired and bought several books to get really into the weeds. All in all, I gleaned a lot of great in-depth safety system and management knowledge (Dan Peterson is a pioneer in safety and really enjoy his expertise) and insight but feel in the end it didn't really transfer over to better exam preparation as far as seeing anything I recognized. In some way, I thought I would see some question from one of the reference books and say I recognize that, but that didn't happen. For the books, I didn't read each book word per word: just did scans of them, some more than others. To close: the online Bowen EHS courses are fantastic to cover all the topics and get the mind, and blood, going on the breadth of information on these exams. Really money, and time, well spent :) Great curriculum.


May 11, 2019
I’d like to say thank you to the Bowen staff for their part in helping me dial-in my CSP prep. Online test prep of any kind can be a precarious thing; you make a financial commitment and put your faith in someone else’s curriculum. In this case however, my online review gave me the direction and, perhaps more importantly, the peace of mind I needed to sit poised in the testing center this morning. I was ASP-exempt courtesy of my CP-12. Still, I chose to register for the combination ASP-CSP review to help diversify my prep. I suspected because the combination course was longer (8 weeks) I wasn’t really giving up much of the CSP domain-oriented material. Of course, I’m glad I got to absorb the ASP content (it came in handy); it was an exceptional learning opportunity for any practitioner but, the amount of safety management and training related material that we covered and what CSP exam-takers need was noteworthy. I was very pleased overall. Aside the course, my prep included the app, my own flash cards, and plenty of practice quizzes. Good luck, all!


May 10, 2019
Passed the ASP today after completing the ASP online review just 2 weeks ago. Mostly reviewed the class material, tests, and purchased the BCSP self-assessment module. Not much more than that. Bowen, keep up the good work!


May 8, 2019
Thank you, Russ. You, Will, and Mike and the whole Bowen EHS team were a tremendous help and are THE source for certification study and education. I look forward to staying with Bowen EHS maybe pursuing CHMM after the CSP.


May 8, 2019
I passed my ASP! After being laid-off a month ago, I decided to prepare for this test, participated in the Bowen ASP-CSP training, and did lots of practice exercises for hours every day. To my surprise, just 5-6 of the exercises I practiced were in the actual test. My best advice is to make sure you understand the theories and concepts of each exercise and know the equations firsthand. Another thing that helped me was to use the TI-36 Pro calculator (which I am very familiar with since this is the one I used for my engineering tests). It has features to solve math and statistics equations easily.  I start a new job and already have scheduled to start studying for the CSP! I want to thank Bowen EHS for the information and resources available to study! Good luck to everyone taking the test!


May 7, 2019
Just passed the ASP early April and passed the CSP about 2 weeks after. Thank you Bowen team for the test prep, A big shout-out to Pat, who made the test prep quite enjoyable and engaging. "I say Cotton Dust, you say Byssinosis". My study resources: Bowen ASP-CSP review course (for me the course itself is sufficient to pass the ASP); Pocket Prep BCSP ASP App (I paid for the ultimate, note that everything from here is from the Safety Professionals' Reference and Study Guide by David Yates, it's great to brush up on specific topic knowledge); Safety Professionals' Reference and Study Guide 2nd Ed, by David Yates; Bowen ASP-CSP App; Practice Exam on the Bowen website; Homemade flashcards.  For the ASP, I felt totally confident from the review course. For the CSP, I remembered being unsure of the first 30ish questions and I felt like I was dying inside, but suddenly I came to a few questions that I know the answers for and then 1 or 2 more which built up my confidence. Don't let the questions you don't know get to your head, flag it down, move on and get back to it. Once my head cleared up and my confidence was high, I was able to go back and answer some questions I wasn't able to answer on the first go.  I hope this will help those looking to pass the ASP and CSP and Thank you again, Bowen, for the wonderful review course! Now onto the CIH ;)


May 4, 2019
Failed the ASP. I studied and made up a lot of study cards, all of the questions seemed foreign, seemed as if I was taking the CSP exam, not the ASP. I got 65% of the math correct. I got 101 correct, almost had it, would have passed had it of been the CSP! I am thinking I wasted too much time using the BCSP ASP app, almost all of the questions I was reviewing and getting 90 % correct were not on the test. Bowen is the reason I got 101 correct. For my retake test in 6 weeks, I am going to spend the time in the study vault. I spent very little time using that resource.


May 1, 2019
Just came from the local Pearson Vue testing center and after doing a double take on the BCSP printout handed to me it displayed I passed. I am so elated to have this off my back and able now to focus on the CSP. Many many thanks to Russ Bowen, Will Pate, and Mike Edens for all the lectures and their expertise and ease in providing and explaining the information.


April 17, 2019
I finished the last ASP-CSP review course at the end of March and took the ASP test. I would say about half of the questions requiring formulas were provided and about half required you to know them.  Practice questions/tests were very helpful for me, I did hundreds of the Bowen review questions. One "surprise" on the test was many of the questions weren't exactly plug and play, they required interpreting the skills you learned throughout the class. It was definitely important to understand the various concepts. I would definitely recommend taking the test as soon as you can after taking the prep class. I really want to thank Patrick for his engaging and informative lectures and for his after the class support. As I was neurotically preparing in the last few days for the test I emailed him several times, he always replied with well thought out and detailed responses, I am very grateful to have had Patrick as a resource. I am currently registering for the CSP test and look forward to taking it as soon as I can.


April 11, 2019
I passed both the ASP and CSP! I really appreciate all the preparation skills Bowen provided. I was guilty of rescheduling both tests once each, however, I would have definitely procrastinated taking them both even longer if Bowen prep materials didn't strongly urge us not to do that. Anyone considering rescheduling, just take the test.  The best advice I can share, that others shared with me, take a lot of practice tests and quizzes (the app really is fantastic!). I was averaging in the 80-85% range (sometimes higher) on all the practice tests I took when I finally took the tests. I think that helped me feel confident I would be able to do well on the actual test and helped me build the stamina to answer the 200 questions in one sitting.  The Bowen practice tests cover a great spread of topics which is nice. I looked in the databank and saw there were around a 1000 questions used to generate the random quizzes, so plenty of examples and things to review. Occasionally the questions repeated (which shows you how many practice tests I took), but that helped me make sure I remembered how to answer that kind of question. Some of the more challenging topics took a few attempts of seeing the same question over and over before I was consistently able to answer it correctly. Long post, but I appreciate the skills and resources Bowen gave me and wanted to share a little advice for those next in line for the test. I can't wait to sign up for the CIH prep course in the fall and start preparing for that exam with Bowen.


April 11, 2019
I have seen 3 to 4 other posts of people passing the CSP on recently. Well, I did as well. One thing that helped me was the quizzes and practice tests on Bowen EHS's site. I will always promote this website as I believe it is the best way to prepare for the CHMM, CSP, and the CIH. I am done taking tests for awhile.


April 8, 2019
Passed the CSP today!!! Man what a relief!! General advice: I would strongly encourage anyone to take the CSP as soon as they can after the ASP. Understand concepts, memorizing will only get you so far. I completed 16 practice CSP practice exams and 15 practice ASP exams on the Bowen website until I was consistently scoring 45+ out of 50. This really helped. THANK YOU, Patrick Lee, for a great course!