Client Feedback: ASP®-CSP® Exam Courses

We love getting honest feedback from our clients. In addition to letting us know how we are doing, they let us know what worked or didn't work for them while preparing for their ASP® and CSP® exams.

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November 18, 2018
I passed the CSP yesterday after finishing the Bowen CSP Prep course on Thursday. I do not recommend scheduling the exam without at least a 2-week gap after the end of the prep course. I felt that I needed more time to prepare. The Bowen EHS course helped a lot. I would not have gotten questions on liability, safety management systems, the role of front-line supervision on safety, and ventilation correct without the prep course. I did not read any of the recommended texts, but I did complete the BCSP Self Assessment, which included several questions that were on the exam. If I was going to study again, I'd focus on risk assessment tools (FMEA, Fault Tree Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, etc.), IH, reliability, statistics/probability, and management systems. Thanks to Bowen and especially William Pate, a great instructor for the CSP Prep Course!


October 23, 2018
I passed the CSP today. I utilized the full 330 minutes. Study material included Bowen course, Bowen practice questions, CSP Pocket prep app and last minute picked up the Mometrix flash cards. Text material included Yates and Brauer.  Hazardous materials, legislation and fall protection questions were many but this exam focused more on management aspects in comparison to the ASP. Thank you Russ and your team for the support. I’m definitely relieved this is over good luck to all preparing to sit the exam. 


August 23, 2018
Passed the CSP a month after ASP! My overall impression of the CSP was that it is more difficult than the ASP. ASP seemed pretty straightforward with simple answers. The CSP had numerous scenario questions and very little math. I reviewed the PowerPoint from the course, used the CSP pocket app, and tried the self-assessment quiz from the BCSP. My personal opinion is that the CSP is more application than the ASP.   


August 9, 2018
I went on the Air Force Safety Forum and posted your website link as the go-to study material for the ASP-CSP. I think the course you put together is great and I will be sure to pass it along to others as I go through my career. Thank you for putting in the time and effort to make this course, otherwise, I'd have been fighting in the trenches on that test. Cheers.


August 1, 2018
I just want to follow-up and let everyone know that I sat for and passed the CSP exam. I felt well prepared for the exam and had a good idea of what to expect thanks to the ASP-CSP Review course. As for the test, some of the topics on it were not expected (Hazmat shipping, Hazardous wastes, environmental fates) and other were exactly what you would think would be on the exam. When it came to the math based questions, it was hit or miss as to if you were provided the equations. and if they were provided, they were not always in a format similar to what is on the BCSP equation sheet. Additionally, a lot of the math that I had was not covered in the course.


August 1, 2018
I wanted to say THANK YOU for your wealth of information and training! The online course was amazing and the resources Bowen EHS offers to prepare for the ASP and CSP have been unbelievably helpful! I really appreciate all of the support in achieving my CSP!  What an experience...and I'm glad Bowen EHS was part of it.  


July 23, 2018
I know you keep stats of students that pass exams. I took your ASP/CSP class back in 2012! Yeah, life gets in the way, and I didn't sit for my ASP exam until last Saturday. I still had all the materials from your class and used them to study. Well, I passed! I plan to go for the CSP soon, I want to ride the ASP high for a little bit ;). Thanks for a good product.


July 18, 2018
Thank you, Bowen EHS for helping me pass the CSP Exam! Taking that test took a lot of mental stamina, and I used a lot of the advice received from Bowen EHS! Here are some things that really helped me. I purchased the BCSP assessment. I did not add any new material the week before the exam and instead focused on what I already learned. I called the test center with questions a few days before the exam to reduce anxiety (parking, earplugs, calculator, etc.). I tried to have a good night's sleep two nights before the exam (I did not get a good rest the night before). I ate oatmeal for breakfast the day of the exam :-)!  I remembered during the exam that you may not know everything, so guess, move on, and aim for the 99 correct out of 175 (that is about 57%!). I skipped the math problems and the questions that looked like it would take more than 40 seconds to answer the first time. I took a break about half-way through the exam, which helped me when I was feeling "burned out". Good luck to everyone who is scheduled/planning to take their test soon!


July 2, 2018
Took the CSP exam on June 29th and passed on the first attempt. Thank you for the course and study material!


June 25, 2018
Based on the ASP Prep course, I passed the ASP exam on the first try today! I listened to the recordings four times after the course and while I was sitting for the test, I heard Nicole's voice saying "You can do this". ( I'm not listening to the recordings anymore because my wife is getting jealous). Putting the kidding aside, listen to the recordings, review the tests, and also read the books that Nicole recommends, very important! Feel free to put this under testimonials on the website, I chose the Right course. Thanks again.


June 18, 2018
I would like to thank the Bowen team for helping me pass both the ASP and the CSP exams. I post my study helps a couple weeks ago when I passed the ASP if you would like to know more. I know I could not have done it without your help in the ASP/CSP Review class and the extra encouragement. I will definitely recommend your courses to others seeking to further their safety education. I also like the extra webcast that you offer as well.


June 18, 2018
Hands down the ASP/CSP prep course was the best tool in my prep toolbox. During the test, I was confident in the majority of my answers and that in itself alleviated test anxiety during the exam. I will say this though...this is not a straight memorization test, you will be presented with a topic and must choose the best answer based on information given. I treated this course as my capstone to studying. What I mean by this is that I used the ASP blueprint provided by the BCSP, ACGIH TLV booklet, OSHA 1910 standards, and the NIOSH pocket guide. This prep course with watching the lectures, doing the homework and reading the corresponding chapters in the Yates Safety Professional book really tied all of this stuff together for me. Last note, read the questions carefully. During my first glance at the question, I felt I could narrow the potential right choices down to two options. I then would reread the question and look for the stem words described by the course and usually a choice would just seem right. Almost like it was a 3 D hologram screaming at me (I am the right choice). Then there were the ones I just didn't know. Made a selection and moved on. Saved all the math problems for the end and the questions were straightforward, I just didn't remember all the math we learned so had to guess on a few of those as well.