Client Feedback: ASP®-CSP® Exam Courses

We love getting honest feedback from our clients. In addition to letting us know how we are doing, they let us know what worked or didn't work for them while preparing for their ASP® and CSP® exams.

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March 15, 2018
I passed the ASP in and just passed the CSP. For what it's worth, this was my study strategy: I used ASP class recordings and materials to start my CSP review. Then I re-read the Brauer text, read Petersen Safety Management text and then took the self-assessment. After the self-assessment, I made some flashcards for the 3 domains in which I was the weakest. It all added up to a PASS on the CSP exam.


January 30, 2018
After a brain swelling five and a half hours I can successfully say that I passed my CSP exam this afternoon! Thanks again to Russ and Nicole for providing such excellent lecture and review material.


January 8, 2018
Good Morning, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my ASP in October and CSP in December. I feel that your ASP/CSP class really helped, along with your iPhone app. I used the app several days per week to study, which gave me a good idea of where I need to improve.Thank you!  


January 8, 2018
Thanks, William Pate and Bowen. My past certifications include SPHR, REM, and a few others but the most important one to me is: I can add the CSP suffix to my business card and resume. Your course was a great help and will be a continuing resource.


January 4, 2018
Well excited to say that I passed my ASP exam! A big thanks to both Nicole and Russ for providing excellent lectures as well as resourceful exam information. To be honest, I was quite surprised because the exam felt a lot easier than I anticipated it to be, that or I studied like crazy. So the next step is my CSP exam.


December 28, 2017
I passed CSP today and ASP back in November, for me ASP was far tougher (preparation point of view), CSP will be a full test of your knowledge, experience & application. Happy that I passed both of them in first attempt. We have a great a tutor and study group in Kuwait which helped me a lot. Bowen's material was very much useful in ASP preparation, Prepare your own flashcards and it will be very helpful. My best wishes for all the future test takers.

Patricia Lee

December 19, 2017
Thank you to everyone at Bowen EHS!! I participated in the ASP and the CSP prep classes this year and passed both tests the first time! I felt well prepared and confident going into the tests! The team does a wonderful job of presenting information and leading discussions to ensure the participants understand the material! Thank you everyone!


December 16, 2017
Passed the ASP Exam yesterday! I did use all five hours for the test; actually, 4 to work the "first pass" all the way through and then 1 hour to go back and further work the items I had flagged during the first pass.Since the mathematics is actually my strong skill, I didn't leave them for last - I answered them on the first pass. Most equations were provided ... but not all. My strategy was to answer everything as best I could on the first pass (in case I ran out of time), and then, flag anything I wanted to go back and think more about if time allowed. For the ones I didn't know at first blush, I found it fairly easy to get down to two reasonable choices. From there, I just made sure to read the question thoroughly (even 5 or 6 times!), and ask myself which was "better."  My preparation consisted of the Bowen ASP Course (thank you Nicole!), and the Yates book to fill in areas I needed help with. I made a LOT of use of the practice quizzes (including the iPhone app, whenever I had a few minutes of time) and the 50-question practice test on the Bowen website. I did purchase and complete the BCSP Self-Assessment, which was also helpful in identifying areas I needed more study in as well as giving me a flavor for the test itself. Now – on to the CSP! Thanks for your support, the great website resources, and the great preparation I received through the course.


December 2, 2017
I finished the CSP review a couple of weeks ago and sat for the exam. I truly thought the CSP was harder than the ASP and I had been told the opposite by friends. It took me 4+ hours to finish and the ASP took about 3+ (if memory serves). I worked the homework a couple of times and I worked the BCSP review exam 3 times. Thanks to Bowen and for the prep and good luck to the folks that have yet to sit for the exam.


November 30, 2017
Thanks to Mike Edens, the Bowen EHS team, and my ASP/CSP prep group for a great exam prep experience. It was a tough exam, but the review course undoubtedly pushed me over the edge and helped me pass. Good luck to the other test takers out there!


November 28, 2017
Good Overall Program to use in conjunction with other study aides. One Issue I had was not being able to watch lectures over on Tablet Devices such as an IPAD.


November 17, 2017
I accomplished my goal yesterday by passing the CSP. I passed the ASP a couple of weeks and just continued to hunker down. The course definitely helped me reach my goal. I appreciate the guidance provided, it helped me become familiar with concepts that I would have had trouble with trying to learn on my own. I would definitely recommend the ASP/CSP course to anymore wanting to take the test. Good luck to all!