Client Feedback: ASP®-CSP® Exam Courses

We love getting honest feedback from our clients. In addition to letting us know how we are doing, they let us know what worked or didn't work for them while preparing for their ASP® and CSP® exams.

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August 27, 2017
I passed the ASP9 yesterday, I wasn't sure if I was ready but I went forward and took the exam. Once I sat for the exam the questions felt familiar and I grew confident during the exam. I finished the exam an hour early and passed, I felt the exam was easier than I was expecting. Logic and deduction will go along the way with questions you may not have a good grasp of. I studied the Bowen ASP-CSP material via the recordings, not the live classes, I used the Bowen quiz app a lot, I also used the ASP9 Practice from BCSP. I bought the book everyone mentioned but I honestly only flipped through it once.  What I did was watch the ASP-CSP lectures in order of easiest material to the hardest (what I felt for me) for a week straight, 2 classes a day, I'd skip through parts I was comfortable with. (I did not use all the lectures.) While I did this, I would take the ASP-CSP Bowen quiz game constantly just in moments of free time. Questions types that came up repeatedly that I was unfamiliar with I would make note of. I would then look up how to solve them(mostly math) using the Bowen work book to find the corresponding lecture. If I thought something was too complicated I'd reference YouTube videos for solutions to various math problems. Some videos I found show additional methods some I found easier to come up with the answers. I took 1 week off from work. I studied Sunday - Friday 4-6hrs a day, did my math review on Friday and completed the ASP9 prep on Friday and took the exam Saturday. PS don't think you can cram everything in a week, I have a very good ability and track record of it, so much so I was confident that is sufficient time for me.


August 23, 2017
I passed the CSP today. Couldn't have done it without the framework for study provided by the Bowen ACSP course. My path forward for studying once I committed to the ASP and CSP starting this past May, was to take the Bowen course and creating my own flash cards along the way along with the practice problems and Bowen app. This prepared me for the ASP. I broke down and bought the CSP blueprint and the Brauer book and continued reviewing my flash cards, prepping me for the CSP. Thank you to the instructors and the Bowen program for your help.


August 17, 2017
I passed my CSP today (passed my ASP 2 weeks ago)! Thank you SO much to everyone @ Bowen and all of my fellow ASP/CSP "preppers"! The study sessions, emails, quizzes and countless hours on the app definitely helped prepare for both exams.


August 4, 2017
Thank you to Mike, Will, and Rick for your well-structured course. I couldn't have passed this without your guidance and support. Now if only the darned BCSP website would update with my ASP certification so I can finish signing up for the CSP! Oh well. Seeing that "PASS" on my exam score report will suffice (for now).


July 29, 2017
I passed the CSP! Thank you to the Bowen EHS team. I couldn't have done it without you. It took me almost the entire 5.5 hours to get it done but I did and was so relieved when I got the passing results.  


July 24, 2017
I took my ASP exam for the first time and passed. No doubt I would not have passed without the Bowen ASP Review Class! Unfortunately... Fortunately, I had a family emergency and had to postpone my original test date. However, with the extra time, I watched/listened to all of the lectures again, and I think it was very helpful. I studied the Brauer book a little, and used both the Bowen study question app and Pocket Prep on my iPhone. Keep in mind, you're not going to ace this test. If you run across a few questions you weren't prepared for, don't worry. You have to get 107 correct out of 175 to pass. You can miss over 60 questions and still pass. I know we all want to score as high as possible, but the attitude of allowing yourself to miss up to 60 questions can help control anxiety. So there is my strategy and a little advice to calm nerves, for what it's worth. Good luck to all!!


July 18, 2017
I passed the CSP on my second attempt. I took the Bowen CSP review and studied the Brauer and Yates books, specifically in System Safety and Management. I also used the CSP review from Data Chem. Last week, I took a Hazmat Waste Generator class through Compliance Schools and found that some of the material they reviewed was on the exam. Oh! I almost forgot, I reviewed questions from the free Bowen resources which are all from the free Thursday emails. That helped a lot, too. I want to say "Thank you!" to Bowen EHS for all of the resources and really good study material. I appreciate it so much!!


July 15, 2017
I passed the ASP (first attempt) with two hours remaining in the test. For studying I used the Bowen EHS ASP Prep Course (thank you for all the hard work and effort that goes into this class Russ) - this was extremely helpful in giving a general overview of all the topics (even though I missed all the live classes...oops, a good thing for recordings!). I also had the luxury of my company providing the Brauer and Yates books (to me Yates was more helpful). I went through the ASP blueprint and tabbed out sections in the books that applied. I also used the ASP Pocket Prep app on my phone (most of the questions reference the Yates book). Wish you all the best of luck!


July 1, 2017
Passed CSP, Thank you Bowens and Mike for such a great online review course, I had taken and passed CSP 9 exam on 1 July 2017 after studying for almost a year. The exam was not that easy to pass with the amount and style of questions asked but had confidence while submitting the exam that I will sail through this. My words of advice: the exam prep is very important along with time management skills. I had marked around 30 to 40 questions for review and I had managed to complete the exam when the clock showed me 5 min left on the screen. I had used Bowen EHS iPhone Application, Span, ISSM workshop manuals for the exam prep along with a cover-to-cover reading of "Health and Safety for Engineers" and "Safety Professionals Reference and Study Guide". I used to spend around 5 hours daily for my study and had reviewed the CSP online review recordings at least 4 times completely, along with homeworks , final exams, and final make-up exams. At the end its worth the pain you take!


June 18, 2017
Passed the CSP, 6 weeks after the ASP. My prep this time focused on going through all of the Bowen homework assignments and exams again, supplemented with the CSP9 self assessment booklet (100 questions, very useful) and reading some chapters of Brauer on my weak points. There were not a lot of heavy calculations...I hadn’t memorized all of the elaborate formulas (engineering economy, ventilation, radiation etc.) When you need a unit conversion they either provide it or it’s an easy one. A lot of questions went like, “So you are a CSP and encounter this scenario regarding an injury/a training need/a wave of illnesses/a mass casualty incident at your facility, what do you do?” or “What is the BEST approach to this problem?” which you can figure out by elimination. It is all doable if you are generally comfortable with the Bowen course material, and for me practicing with similarly-styled questions did help. Best of luck all!


June 16, 2017
I passed the CSP! I took the Bowen ASP/CSP Class in the winter/spring, took the ASP in the beginning of May and the CSP exam 6 weeks later; was able to pass both on the first attempt. I was committed to studying at least 3 days during the week and at least 8 hours over each weekend. It may have been excessive but I only wanted to take each test once. I must have gone through at least 1500 quiz questions per exam. For the ASP I studied the Bowen quiz questions/exams and I also used the David Yates "Safety Professionals Reference Guide" as another source which proved to be helpful especially in toxicology and environmental aspects of safety. For the CSP I ordered the SPAN quiz questions which added another dimension to studying. I suggest ordering the BCSP Assessment exams and take them as soon as you get them as they will highlight areas to focus on. Good Luck.


June 11, 2017
Passed the CSP using the same brute force quiz question method I used for the ASP. I thought the CSP was the more difficult test, largely due to the question formatting. Read them very carefully to ensure you are solid on what the question is actually asking. Many here recommend taking the CSP soon after the ASP and I would echo that opinion. I had a 6-week gap. I was still in the mood to study but was hitting the turnout point prior to my exam. Good luck to all who are taking it soon!