Client Feedback: CHMM Exam Courses

We love getting honest feedback from our clients. In addition to letting us know how we are doing, they let us know what worked or didn't work for them while preparing for their CHMM exam.

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Cheryl Harris

December 14, 2021
Thanks for a great CHMM prep class last spring. I passed my test in September and started a new, higher paying job! Thanks for helping me achieve my goal!


May 18, 2020
After two months of my exam being delayed, I was finally able to take and pass the CHMM exam. Having more of a safety background and not environmental, I found the exam to be challenging more so then the CSP. Thank you Will for doing a great job teaching the course! I would have not passed without it and would recommend the Bowen CHMM course to anyone who is considering getting their CHMM.


November 6, 2019
I just received the congratulatory confirmation email from the IHMM stating I passed. Good to have this in the rearview mirror now. Such a relief. The Bowen CHMM course was ideal. The breadth of chapters/subjects really prepared me for the exam. I listened to the lectures/classes repeatedly after the course ended and drilled the information into my head: at work next to my computer in the car, and at home. I highly recommend the CHMM review course to everyone.


October 10, 2019
I passed. It's been a very long time since I stepped on a college campus to take an exam. Today, I had my test and after multiple attempts of practice tests...making certain to read the full question and all the answers. The test was light on statistics and chemical equations but definitely tilted at treatment and handling specifics. I'm so grateful to have this over with and that I could not have done it without Bowen. Thanks!


May 2, 2019
Good morning, just wanted to let you know that I did pass the CHMM exam! Thank you! Your prep course definitely was able to help prepare me for success.


January 19, 2019
I took the Bowen EHS CHMM exam prep course in the fall of 2018. At least two months passed between the completion of the prep course and my exam date. I wouldn't recommend a delay in taking the exam. I wasn't busy studying during this time and had to go back over much of the material. I left my calculator at the house on the morning of the exam. This created some anxiety. I was able to trudge through with the basic function calculator provided at the testing center. I struggled through the first 20 questions or so before settling in. After completing the exam I went back over the test and realized the beginning of the test wasn't as bad as I initially thought/felt. I received a pass on the screen after submitting the test. I had an email waiting in my inbox when I got to work to inform me that I would be notified of the official results in less than three weeks. I got my congratulatory email from IHMM less than one week after completing my test requesting the $160 dollar annual certification maintenance fee to complete the certification process. Good luck to those in pursuit of your CHMM certification. I would definitely recommend the Bowen EHS prep course. Thanks Will.


April 12, 2017
I wanted to let Will Pate know that I sat for the CHMM exam and I passed! I took his online CHMM review course in the Spring of 2016. This was an excellent class! Even after waiting almost a year after completing the review course I went back and listened to each lecture over again, took lots of note cards from this lectures, used the Bowen CHMM app on my iPhone, read the IHMM book, and studied DataChem CHMM Prep extensively. I would highly recommend this review course for anyone planning to sit for the CHMM. Thanks Will for a GREAT class. 


December 27, 2016
I am happy to say I passed my exam! This is my second time taking it so the pressure was on. I want to thank Bowen EHS for all their help and support. I started a new job a week before my first try at the exam and with the stress of house selling and house hunting, my exam results showed. I retook the CHMM online review, studied using the CHMM Datachem software and reviewed my problem areas from the first exam. I am excited to put this chapter behind me. Thank you and best of luck to anyone else planning to take the exam!


November 7, 2016
Please tell Mr. Pate that I passed the CHMM exam. I was in his last CHMM class and listened to the recordings since I couldn't make the scheduled live classroom hours. Without his class I would not have done well....tell him thanks for me.


October 14, 2016
I just completed the 2016-08 CHMM review course with Will Pate and took the exam one week later. I was nervous to push the submit exam button, but the message came up that I passed! Big thanks to Will for teaching a great review course. Many topics from the review course helped with my success on this exam. I would recommend for others to begin making your own flash cards right away when you are taking the review course. Review that content frequently. There are a lot of things to have memorized for this exam. Big thanks to Will and Bowen EHS! :)


February 12, 2016
I took the CHMM test yesterday and it stated that I passed. It could take up to three weeks to get the actual grade. I want to thank Bowen and all of my class members for their help.