If you cannot hear or are experiencing audio issues, please read on.

Below are some audio issue symptoms you may be experiencing. The settings can be changed by using the Test Classroom.

1. The instructor's voice sounds strange or high pitched.

This is actually a feature so that the instructor's voice does not become difficult to hear.  It is called the Live Audio Catch-up feature.  It happens when the network connections are not consistent.

2. The instructor's voice is choppy or inconsistent. The slides and video are out of sync with the audio.

The Live Audio Catch-up feature is probably turned off and a network connection between you and the instructor is unstable.  When turned on, the instructor's voice might become high pitched. This is to bring the audio and video back into sync.

How to check and change

Live Sessions / In class
  1. Open Electa if it is not open ( Go to the Test Rooms and enter the American Test Classroom).
  2. Select the Local Audio Settings under the Audio menu.
    local audio settings
  3. Check or 'X' the Use Electa Live Audio Catch-up technology checkbox.
    audio catch-up window
  4. Click the Apply button.

 For recordings, just check the Use Catch-Up box in the control window found in the lower right corner of the screen.

audio catchup recording checked

3. You do not hear any audio.

Electa may be set to the wrong audio playback device.

How to check and change

  1. Click the Audio Setup Wizard button.
    audio wizard button
  2. Check and change the playback devices (red arrow) and click the Play button (blue arrow) to test it. You should hear a recorded voice.
    audio device change
    If you do not hear anything, try another device listed in the dropdown selection (red arrow) and click the Play button. Repeat until you hear the voice or run out of devices.
  3. Click the Close button when you are done.

If that did not work, please check your audio device (connections, battery levels, etc.).

Some audio programs such as iTunes may not allow Electa to play audio. Please exit out of them.