We use Electa for our live online classroom. To access the classroom, you will need to install a small plugin on the computer or device you plan to use.  Just follow the instructions below.

Installing / Setting Up Electa

You need to be able to install applications on the computers or devices you are planning to use. If you do not, please send a link to this article to your IT people who can.

Windows Users

Not available for Window RT or Windows Phone.
  1. Download the Electa Windows app.

    Download Windows ap
  2. Install the Electa app.
    Your web browser usually has a Downloads area where you can click on the app to download. Pressing Ctrl+J (press the Ctrl key and the J key at the same time) will open your Downloads area so you can click on  the Electa app to install it.
  3. Verify that Electa is installed and your computer or device can communicate with the test classroom.

When it's time for class, go to your course in the Member Center and click on the lecture link to enter the correct classroom. Look for the Live Lectures tab/section to find those links.

You can also download Electa files and play them offline with this version of the app.

Attending Class, Webinar or Study Session

  1. Sign into the Member Center in your web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.).
  2. Go to your course or Premium Resources for a webinar or study session and click on the appropriate electa virtual classroom link. (example links below)
    electa links

    How to find them:

    1. Courses: click on the Live Classes tab.
    2. Live Webinars: click on the Webinar tab.
    3. Study Sessions: click on the Study Sessions (S.S.) tab.

Upgrading Electa

Android, iPad,  and iPhone

You will receive updates through Google Play or the App Store.

Windows and Macs

Your software is checked and updated every time you connect to the Virtual Classroom. If you are having trouble with a recording, you can use the button below to trigger an update.

Verify that Electa is installed and your computer or device can communicate with the test classroom.

Further Help

Need help? Read our Testing and Troubleshooting the Virtual Classroom article.