You can watch recordings on any device supported in the Connecting to the Virtual Classroom article by streaming them through the Member Center. Users with Windows and Mac computers (OS X 10.8+) can also save the recordings and watch them offline.

You can watch recordings via playing or downloading (Windows and Mac only).

The steps:

  1. Check to see that Electa is installed on the device you want to use. See the Connecting to the Virtual Classroom article to install and use.
  2. Navigate to your course or the appropriate place in the Member Center where the recordings are posted.
  3. Click the Play button to stream on any device or the Download button to download the recordings onto a Windows or Mac machine. (Screen snip below)

view recording buttons

It is easiest to rename the downloaded files right away so you know what you downloaded. You may also want to create a "recordings" folder for easy access.


Please see  I can't run a downloaded recording for help.