Algebra Fundamentals for Health and Safety Professionals

Build sufficient competency with basic algebra operations necessary to successfully solve math problems on EH&S certification exams. This Bowen EHS® online course will show you how to solve problems and give you plenty of guided practice to master the techniques. Live lectures are presented once a week for 8 weeks.


  • Comprehensive. This course covers what you need to know to solve the math problems on your certification exam.
  • No travel. Save money and hassle. (Flights, driving, lodging, scheduling, etc.)
  • Excellent instructor. Our certifiied instructor has several years of experience in this field and teaching.
  • Live lectures. Ask questions and participate in real time.
  • Recordings. You can listen and view lectures at any time if you are unable to attend. Recordings are available for up to 180 days from the course start date.
  • Easier absorption. Lectures spread out over several weeks makes it easier to pay attention during class.
  • Practice. Apply what you learn to the homework problems.  Feedback and solutions given during the following lecture.
  • Premium Membership. 180 days access to our forums, study question library, EH&S games and more. Learn more
  • Support beyond the course. We answer your questions and help with your studies after the course ends. Our goal is to help you succeed.


The primary purpose of the course is to provide participants with the necessary framework to be able to successfully solve math problems on EH&S exams.

Successful completion of the course requirements is expected to result in participants’ increased ability to perform integral mathematical, engineering, and scientific functions/equations.


This course may be eligible for ABIH CM credit. See the ABIH website CM credit criteria. This course may also meet the requirements for the BCSP COC (Continuance of Certification) points.  This course has been submitted for approval of 1.2 CEUs through The University of Iowa's Heartland Center for Occupational Health and Safety.

Support continues well beyond the course. - We continue to answer questions and help with your studies beyond the completion of the course.  Our goal is to help you succeed. 


Bowen Learning Network, Inc. earns a profit on materials sold through our online bookstore.  Some of these materials may be discussed during our courses.

Russell Bowen, President of Bowen Learning Network, Inc. dba as Bowen EHS owns a small number of shares in a publicly traded safety equipment manufacturer.  This company may be discussed during our courses.

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