You Are NOT Guaranteed to Pass!

You Are NOT Guaranteed to Pass!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

We are often asked “If I take your review course, am I guaranteed to pass the exam?” Our short answer is “No.”

While we guarantee our support, it’s unethical of us to guarantee that you’ll pass the exam.


Did you hear me right?

Yes, yes you did.

Let me explain. We can’t take the exam for you. One, that’s unethical as well. Two, to be certified you have to prove to the certifying body that you know your stuff.

Do we want you to pass? Of course!
Will we do whatever we can to help you pass? Definitely!
Can we guide you on what to study for the exam and what to expect on exam day? Absolutely!

We’re a team. Consider our certified instructors your coaches. They took the exam, they’ve taught the course several times, they research and update the course materials on a regular basis, and they know the anxiety of preparing for a certification exam. We also give you access to the course materials for up to a year. As a busy professional, finding the time to study every day may prove difficult.

To be successful, you need to put in the effort as well.

• Study, study, and study some more.
• Practice with our study questions and quizzes.
• Complete the homework AND the final exam.
• Ask questions in class and during study sessions.
• Figure out your weaknesses and put extra effort into those topics.
• Listen to all of the lectures live or recorded, multiple times if needed.
• Go into the exam with the confidence that you did everything in your power to prepare.

Well then, you’re probably wondering, what DOES Bowen EHS guarantee then?

We guarantee 100% of our support. We believe in our product and we know that by following our guidelines and doing your part, you are more than likely to pass the exam. Can we guarantee that you will pass the first time? No. It may take you one time, it may take you 10 times, but eventually you will succeed. However long it takes, we are here for you, and we will support you during the process. With our guarantee, if you take your certification exam within a year of your course and are not successful, you can take the next available online course again at no charge.

As a team, we can do this together. Study on!


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