Study Questions: The Good, The Bad, and The Imperfect

Study Questions: The Good, The Bad, and The Imperfect

You received this week’s study question and it doesn’t look right. The solution says the correct answer is C, but the explanation clearly states B should be the correct answer.

You think, “Wow, does Bowen EHS really know their stuff?” The honest answer is, writing study questions is tough.

Bowen EHS uses weekly study questions to help our clients and potential clients prepare for certification exams.

We’re not perfect. We are certified professionals, and we try to create informative, fun, and accurate questions. Sometimes we think they’re great, and we pat ourselves on the back. Then the question arrives in everyone’s inbox, and we find out it wasn’t as great as we originally thought.

Our mistakes might be clerical in nature, stating the correction solution is C, when it is clear from the explanation that the correct solution is B. Other errors might be relatively minor, possibly a mathematical error leading to an incorrect number, or a poorly worded question.

Our most serious error is when we create a question and do not fully understand the material. This happens because the field of environmental health and safety covers so many topics that it’s virtually impossible to be an expert in every topic. Fortunately, our study question authors do their research, and serious errors are relatively rare.

Please use our free questions as a study tool. If you find an error with a question, let us know. We’ll review it, correct it if needed, or explain further why the answer is correct.

We’re truly grateful to our clients that point out errors in the questions. Your expertise helps us expand our knowledge and continue writing study questions.

Thank you,

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