Client Feedback: ASP-CSP Exam Courses

We love getting honest feedback from our clients. In addition to letting us know how we are doing, they let us know what worked or didn't work for them while preparing for their ASP and CSP exams.

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May 1, 2018
I still can't believe it but I passed my ASP examination today. I was positive when the proctor handed me the results form, that it would say that I had failed. Other people's posts helped me prepare for the exam, so I thought I would share my experience as well. My study plan involved reading both the Brauer and Yates books cover to cover. I highlighted anything that seemed important enough to know. I then used the ASP exam blueprint to see what chapter's correlated to the exam. For each topic that would be covered on the exam, I typed out everything I had highlighted in the books. I took the BowenEHS ASP practice tests about 50 times and attended some of the online study sessions. I then ordered the ASP Self-Assessment book. I felt very confident that reading these books, using the BowenEHS website, and completing the self-assessment would have me fully prepared for the test. However, I felt the information covered in the exam was night and day compared to the questions asked in the self-assessment. Good luck to everyone! Thank you BowenEHS!


April 30, 2018
I passed the CSP!!  I've got 20+ years in the EHS field and should have taken my CSP long ago, but things come up. This was my first attempt and significant studying was required. I didn't want to confidentially say to myself after the test that, well I probably could have studied harder. That really wouldn't have been possible. My only resource, besides experience, was the Bowen CSP class and materials - thanks, Russ!! I can appreciate the feedback from others who have posted in this forum because it helped me get a feel for the experience, so I'm trying to return the favor. Let me tell you, folks, this test is hard! As Russ mentioned often, time management is core and this is absolutely true. It took me the full 5.75 hrs. to complete the 200 questions and the (ridiculously hard) math problems I saved until the end. I guessed on- just under the bell. Interestingly there were only a few math based questions and formulas were given for all; so much for memorizing 5 pages of formulas. What makes the test so hard is the questions and the answers are long and complex and I would have to re-read some 3, 4 or even 5 times to process all the information before I could make a sound selection. Your brain will be mush by the end of the exam. My experience was similar to a previous poster in that, when I walked out of the room the proctor handed me a folded piece of paper and when I saw Result: PASS, I didn't have words to describe it, the feeling was overwhelming!! So, again as Russ said several times, just take the exam, don't put it off. So don't get discouraged, commit to a study plan and learn the material and you too will ace this exam - good luck!


April 25, 2018
Russ, Good news again - I passed the CSP yesterday - so glad to have both the ASP and CSP completed. Your course and resources helped me prepare and be successful. I am probably not the typical student since I have an MS in IH and PhD in Safety - am a professor at Oregon State University and am a new member of the ACGIH physical agents TLV committee. I am on sabbatical this year and had always wanted to pursue getting the CSP but never had the time, so it was nice to be able to get back to the basics and remind myself all the topics I should be sure to include in the various course I teach for undergraduates and graduate students here in Oregon. Anyway, I enjoyed your course and you are a great teacher - thanks!


April 21, 2018
I passed the CSP Exam! Please thank the CSP instructor for the great class. Once again, I only used your materials to pass the exam. I have been recommending your review classes to all my former coworkers. For me, I couldn't have passed the CIH or CSP exams without your classes because I wouldn't know how to start studying. I needed a focused online course that was real time so I can ask questions. I have very limited time to study, so your courses were perfect.


April 19, 2018
I passed the CSP today. Thanks to the Bowen team once again first the CIH and now the CSP!!! I got to tell you I am not sure what I did because my confidence flew out the window after the first hour and I was sure I was going to have to take that exam again once I hit submit, but no, the certificate came back Congratulations you PASS!!! CSP Baby!!! Very excited!! Good luck to all the other candidates. You can do it.


April 19, 2018
I am so happy to have passed the ASP exam. This was my second attempt. I really was weak in math but I took the Algebra ll class and finished a couple of weeks ago. The first time I took the exam my calculator was on mathprint for some time and several problems in before I realized it. I identified my weakness via the first try and focused on the math and management which were my weakest areas. Today, I felt confident and nervous at the same time. Afterward, when I left the testing area the gentleman from the front desk was standing there with a folded paper in hand. I just knew he was hiding that I did not quite make it for the second time. I took the sheet and opened it! You Passed! in bold letters made my knees weak and my eyes filled with tears of joy. WOW! what a feeling. Thanks Russ.


April 14, 2018
Last week I passed my CSP after a 5-6 months study. I used training materials from different sources (Datachem, Bowen ASP/CSP questions and Quiz app and site quizzes, SafeProfessional'sl's Reference and Study Guide (David Yates), BCSP self-assesment, Khan academy, etc.), but I'm particularly grateful to Bowen training materials and recommendations for exam logistics. Thank you very much!


April 10, 2018
Hello Russ, I finished the last ASP/CSP class on Wednesday and took the ASP exam on Saturday and passed. I plan to take the CSP in May. The class was very beneficial to me and I appreciate the help. Thanks again.


March 15, 2018
I passed the ASP in and just passed the CSP. For what it's worth, this was my study strategy: I used ASP class recordings and materials to start my CSP review. Then I re-read the Brauer text, read Petersen Safety Management text and then took the self-assessment. After the self-assessment, I made some flashcards for the 3 domains in which I was the weakest. It all added up to a PASS on the CSP exam.


January 30, 2018
After a brain swelling five and a half hours I can successfully say that I passed my CSP exam this afternoon! Thanks again to Russ and Nicole for providing such excellent lecture and review material.


January 8, 2018
Good Morning, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my ASP in October and CSP in December. I feel that your ASP/CSP class really helped, along with your iPhone app. I used the app several days per week to study, which gave me a good idea of where I need to improve.Thank you!  


January 8, 2018
Thanks, William Pate and Bowen. My past certifications include SPHR, REM, and a few others but the most important one to me is: I can add the CSP suffix to my business card and resume. Your course was a great help and will be a continuing resource.