Do I have Premium Membership access?

You can have Premium Membership access because of one of the following:

  • You purchased a Premium Membership that is still current.
  • You received it as part of your recent enrollment into a Bowen EHS course.

It is really simple to find out if you currently have Premium Membership access.  Just try to enter the Premium Resources area of the Bowen EHS® Member Center. To make it easy, you can use the button below. (You may be asked to sign in along the way.)

The answer is...

...if you see Premium Member links listed along with tabs or sections labeled Resources, Podcast Library, Forums / Discussions, etc. ...if you see the words Enrollment options and a message further down the page stating "You can not enroll yourself in this course."

 Wondering when your premium membership expires?  See: How do I know when my Premium Membership Expires?

Enter Premium Resources - opens in a new window/tab

Read 2916 times Updated on March 27, 2014