Connecting to the Virtual Classroom - Electa

We use Electa for our live online classroom. To access the classroom, you'll need to install a small plugin onto the computer or device you plan to use.  Just follow the instructions below.

Installing Electa

You need to have permission to install applications on the computers or devices you are planning to use. If you do not, please send a link to this article to your IT people who can.
You always need to go to the Member Center with your web browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) to get into the correct classroom. The following is just for setting up your computer or device.

Windows Users

Not available for Window RT or Windows Phone.
  1. Install the Electa plugin by going to the Test classroom. The plugin will be downloaded and installed when you enter the test room.
    Install / Try the Test Room - click the American Test Room button when it appears. If you make it into the Test Classroom, you installed the plugin.
    1. If you can't: If you cannot get the test room to start, you may need to download the plugin directly and install it yourself. Go to the Download page and click on the Download the Windows App button under the Setup file for most users section. Choose Run if possible. Otherwise, open or find your Downloads window and double-click the Electa download to install it.
  2. When it's time for class, go to your course in the Member Center and click on the lecture link to enter the correct classroom.

Upgrading Electa

Keep all existing installations (you need them for older recordings)  and simply use the Test Room to trigger the updates needed. For Android and iPad users, your device will receive updates automatically.

Try the Test Room - click the American Test Room button when it appears.

Further Help

Need help? Read our Testing and Troubleshooting the Virtual Classroom article.

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