We completed our survey process for the January 2020 ASP®-CSP® Online Review course. 100 days after the course end date, we determined the participants who completed the course and asked them to participate in a short survey. COVID-19 played a role in the ability of our clients to take an exam after the completion of the course. Over half had their exam dates canceled due to testing center closures, many experiencing multiple cancellations. Several others who wanted to take the exam were unable to schedule an appointment at their testing center before we sent out this survey.

 To complete the course, clients accomplished the following:

Now for the results! The January 2020 ASP®-CSP® Online Review took place January 21, 2020 through March 12, 2020. Of those who completed the course:

If you are wondering what kind of time commitment it takes to prepare for the ASP® and CSP® Exam, we asked these course participants that as well. They spent an average of 149 hours studying and 4.6 months preparing.

Congratulations to these new Associate Safety Professionals and Certified Safety Professionals!! Way to go!!

As always, we are Committed To Your Success and Guarantee our Support through the exam process!

~The Bowen EHS Team

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