Internet Connection / File Quality

Sometimes the connection between you and the server (where the recording file lives) is poor. This can result in gaps in sound making it hard to understand. Here are some things that affect internet access:

  • Network traffic (this can vary by time of day, different days, etc.)
  • Weather (especially cellular / wireless based connections)
  • Traffic on your local network (ex. kids streaming videos)
  • Network performance (the maximum speeds, data shaping that Internet Service Provider does, etc.)

If possible, (this means you have a Mac or Windows machine), we recommend that you download and then play the recording. This minimizes the issues caused by poor network access.

If the file still is choppy, please make sure that Audio Catch up wizard is turned on.

audio catchup recording checked

Device Performance

Sometimes your machine does some of the following :

  • Has many open programs or apps
  • Is downloading and installing updates
  • Is already at maximum capacity (not enough memory, processor overworked)

See if you can turn off updates or let them complete before you continue with recording. (You may need to restart the device for them to complete.)

Please see Audio Issues in the Virtual Classroom for more help.