Because so many antimalware tools and applications exist, we cannot outline how to work with all of them.  We can give you the general guidelines of how to allow Electa and Java to work.

First, find out what antivrus or antimalware tools are on your machine.  If you're not sure, most tools have an icon that lives down in the lower right of the screen near the clock.  You may have to click the "hidden icons" button to see them.

  1.  Allow the program. If you have a message saying that Electa has been blocked, please click the allow button that usually is included in the message.
  2. Search the help documentation for "allow".  Most programs and tools willl let you know how to allow Electa to run.  Most likely this will be in a "web browser" or "internet" category inside the help. Follow the instructions.


Temporarily allow programs

Many antivirus tools have an "install" mode where they let programs install or run for a certain amount of time. Please try setting your antivirus or antimalware app into this mode if you cannot get Electa to start.