If you haven't installed the Virtual Classroom plugin (Electa), please check out the Connecting to the Virtual Classroom article.

The Symptoms

I got into the classroom, but I don't see anyone.

If you see Visitor or Electa Test Visitor in the attendees window, you're in a test classroom. See Solution #1.

What is my username and password for Electa?

We use the Member Center to handle that automatically for you. If you need that, the app got opened without being connected to the Member Center first. See Solution #1.

Where do I find my Event ID?

If your device is asking you for this, it has led you astray. Most likely you are using an iPad or iPhone. Perhaps you are using Chrome for iPad/iPhone. It can't open the Electa app properly. See Solution #1.

The Solutions

#1. Sign into the Member Center (again)

  1. Open your web browser. Preferred browsers:
    1. Windows: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Opera.
    2. Mac: Firefox, Chrome, Safari.
    3. iPad/iPhone: Safari
      Chrome can't open Electa properly in iOS (as of May 2016).
    4. Android: Chrome, Firefox
  2. Sign into the Member Center.
  3. Enter your course or Premium Membership
  4. Open the Live Classes section tab (or Live Study Sessions for Premium Membership).
  5. Click on the link for the class or study session.
  6. Click the Enter the Classroom button.
  7. If you see a blue Start Electa Live button, click it. (see example below)
    start electa button

You should now be in the right virtual classroom now. :) If not, please contact us.