Sleep: The Most Important Component of Safe Behavior

Sleep: The Most Important Component of Safe Behavior

Presented: Jan 11, 2023  Available until: Jan 31, 2024

All of us know what it’s like to be tired or sleepy. But what if you felt tired all day, every day? For many workers, this is the norm. 

Why are workers not getting enough sleep? Experts think there are five main reasons: 

  • They don’t know the importance of sleep
  • They have economic and social pressures to stay awake
  • They simply have too much to do
  • They suffer from sleep disorders
  • They work shift work or more than 40 hours per week 

When you get less sleep than you need, the results are often slowed reaction time, reduced vigilance, reduced decision-making ability, poor judgment, distraction during complex tasks, and loss of awareness. During this webinar, we will discuss the safety implications of a sleepy workforce, why accidents happen, and discuss tips we can provide our workers to get a better night's rest.


Upon completion, participants will be able to:  

  1. Describe the importance of sleep
  2. Identify the benefits of sleep
  3. Anticipate the safety impacts of sleep deprivation for workers
  4. Practice tips for a better night’s sleep to increase safe decision making 


Michelle Reiher , CIH, CSP

Michelle Reiher is a certified industrial hygienist and certified safety professional with over 20 years of safety and health experience in general industry and mining.  She holds the MSHA IS, IU and IN certifications and has develop and conducted safety and health training within the MSHA Part 48 New Miner, Annual Refresher and Instructor Training courses.  She has a passion for health and safety training and believes everyone should be given the knowledge to make choices that will keep them safe.



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