Recognition of Health Hazards in Industry: A Review of Materials and Processes

A great book describing health hazards in a variety of industries. Describes many of the industries where IH really got a strong start. Many of us no longer work in these industries, but there are still questions on the exam based on prevalent exposures in specific businesses. Recommend reading chapters on welding, abrasive blasting, and surface coatings.

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Toxicology Principles for the Industrial Hygienist

This book provides an in-depth review of toxicology. It is an excellent source of information on a difficult subject for the exam.

Air Sampling Instruments for Evaluation of Atmospheric Contaminants

Describes the operation of most air sampling instruments. A good reference book for your library. A little pricey if you are only using it to study for the exam. 

Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control

A pretty decent text covering IH issues for bacteria, viruses and fungal species. Many IHs find themselves working with mold related issues. Another good reference source.

Radiation Protection: A Guide for Scientists and Physicians

A great text on radiation. Good reference book for your library, but probably not the best investment in studying for the exam.


Haz-Map is an occupational health database designed for health and safety professionals and for consumers seeking information about the health effects of exposure to chemicals and biologicals at work. Haz-Map links jobs and hazardous tasks with occupational diseases and their symptoms. It is one of the products and services made available by the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program.

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Flash Cards

We have developed sets of flashcards specifically for the CIH exam. People generally retain more information when they create their own cards. A low cost way for you to develop cards is to use the card lists from our bookstore, and create your own with index cards.

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Professional Organizations

Name Description
American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) ACGIH® is a member-based organization that advances occupational and environmental health.
 American Industrial Hygiene Association
 American Board of Industrial Hygiene