The Cartoon Guide to Statistics

A great guide for statistics. Well written and easy to read. Very helpful for people with difficulty understanding statistical concepts.

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Safety Management: A Human Approach

This is the first real safety management book that I've read. It is well written, and it is definitely worth reading if you are a safety professional or industrial hygienist. Many of the management theories are discussed in the text. This is an excellent book.

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Flash Cards

We have developed sets of flashcards specifically for the ASP and CSP exams. People generally retain more information when they create their own cards. A low cost way for you to develop cards is to use the card lists from our bookstore, and create your own with index cards.

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Occupational Safety Calculations

A spiral bound book describing every equation on the previous exam formula sheet handout. Edited by faculty at the Harvard School of Public Health. A quick reference to review specific formulas.

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Safety and Health for Engineers

A great basic text covering most safety topics. Dr. Brauer spent many years as the executive director of the BCSP. If you thoroughly study this book, you should do well on both the ASP and CSP exams. I highly recommend this book.

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Other Sites

Site Description
Occupational Health & Safety Hub Contains information about jobs and resources, plus news, forums, exam prep and more.

Professional Organizations

Name Description
American Society of Safety Engineers ASSE represents more than 34,000 safety, health and environmental (SH&E) professionals who work across all industries around the world protecting people, improving business and safeguarding the environment. Through their efforts, ASSE members help employees stay safe, healthy and productive, which delivers positive bottom-line results to employers and helps enhance corporate image.
Board of Certified Safety Professionals BCSP is the premier certification body providing domestic and international credentialing services to practitioners, technologists, technicians, supervisors, and workers through its recognized excellence, financial strength, continuous improvement and accredited products and services by offering career advancement paths to those persons in safety, health, and environmental practitioners.

Occupational Safety and Health Guidance Manual for Hazardous Waste Site Activities

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This text is available for free at the link below. It provides great information on working at hazardous waste sites and emergency response with hazardous materials.

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