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Safety in the World of Covid-19

Back in early January, I started watching what was going on in China with an outbreak of a novel virus. At the time, it got a bit of a mention on the news here and there. But it was there, and we were here, so no big deal; nothing to worry about. Fast forward to late March, and the world of a Safety Professional seems to have changed quite a bit in response to what we now know as SARS-CoV-2.

A 10 Step Approach to CIH Certification

Are you interested in earning your Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) certification? Do you know if you qualify? Do you know where to start? The following steps will help you begin the process of earning and maintaining your CIH certification. 1. Know the certifying agency. The American Board of Industrial Hygienists (ABIH) awards the CIH certification.  (

Steps to ASP® and CSP® Certification

Would you like to pursue the Associate Safety Professional® (ASP®) or Certified Safety Professional® (CSP®) certification and don’t know where to start? We know it can seem daunting and you’re not even sure what the first step is. That’s okay. We understand. We’re here to help.