Bowen EHS Products Explained


We have reorganized our products to better meet your needs for OESH certification exam prep and certification maintenance.

Here is the new lineup!

Certification Exam Prep

  • Exam Prep Online Review Courses – A guided approach to exam prep with live lectures and instructor support.
  • Study Tools – To be used for studying on your own.
    • Free Questions Tool
    • Practice Questions Tool
    • The Companion Toolkit

Certification Maintenance

Read on for answers to commonly asked questions.

What are the Bowen EHS Exam Prep Online Review Courses?

These are the same great comprehensive courses we’ve been providing for almost 20 years and now include the Companion Toolkit and access to additional Live and On-Demand Webinars.

View Exam Prep Online Review Courses


What is the Free Questions Tool?

This tool gives access to the solutions and explanations from the most recent study questions from our weekly study question email program, along with 10-question quizzes with questions randomly chosen from our study question databases.

View the Free Questions Tool


What are the Practice Questions Tools?

Tools that provide access to one Bowen EHS study question database (ASP-CSP, CIH, or CHMM), practice quizzes, and flashcards. They connect with the Bowen EHS Quiz Game Apps. (Formerly called “Plus” memberships.

View the Practice Questions Tool


What is the Companion Toolkit?

This is the perfect tool for those who want to study independently or as additional resources to supplement a study program. Access all study question databases, mini-exams, extra help sessions, the Ethics Collection, the Math for OESH Exam Prep short course, additional concentration areas, and the Forum/Discussion area. This is included with all Exam Prep Online Review Courses and works with the Bowen EHS Quiz Game Apps. 

View The Companion Toolkit


What is the Continuing Ed Package?

This new package provides one year of access to all available Bowen EHS PDCs (Professional Development Courses) and Webinars (Live and On-Demand). Completion of PDC and webinar requirements awards up to 50 contact hours.

View The Continuing Ed Package


What are Extra Help Sessions?

Available as part of the Companion Toolkit, these live online sessions allow you to join one of our certified instructors to ask questions, get solutions, and build confidence as you prepare for your OESH certification exam. 

View Extra Help Sessions


What is the Ethics Collection?

This self-paced webinar collection is designed to provide OESH professionals with ethics training required by certification boards. It is included as part of the Companion Toolkit and The Continuing Ed Package.

View the Ethics Collection


What is the Math for OESH Exam Prep Course?

This course is designed to help you build proficiency in areas that will help you go into your certification exam with confidence. This short course can be used in addition to the math lectures in our Exam Prep Online Review Courses or on its own as part of the Companion Toolkit. 

View the Math for OESH Exam Prep Course


All Bowen EHS products are now a one-time purchase for the length of time noted in the course, tool, or package.

If you have any questions or the product you purchased is not working how you feel it should, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

~ The Bowen EHS Team

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