Here are the people that work behind the scenes to ensure you have all the support you need for your EHS training.

  • Russell Bowen, CIH, CSP, Founder and President

    Russell Bowen, CIH, CSP, Founder and President

    Mr. Bowen originally founded Bowen EHS, Inc. in 2003 to meet the educational needs of those studying for certification in the EHS professions. In 2014, Mr. Bowen created Bowen Learning Network, Inc. due to significant expansion in business activities. He now serves as the President and CEO of Bowen Learning Network, Inc.

    For more information on Mr. Bowen, please visit his faculty page.

  • Margaret Murphy, Chief Operating Officer

    Margaret Murphy, Chief Operating Officer

    Ms. Murphy is responsible for keeping the Bowen Learning Network offices running smoothly. Her responsibilities include human resources, special projects, client registration, payroll, and managing the Bowen Learning Network bookstore.

  • Chris Egle, Chief Technology Officer

    Chris Egle, Chief Technology Officer

    "Make it work" is a phrase that Mr. Egle has heard a lot  in his life.  He is responsible for developing and maintaining the technology used by Bowen Learning Network.  This includes the main website, Member Center, Bookstore, and the systems used to support clients, faculty and staff.

    One of Mr. Egle's passions is making information accessible and easily understood. That ranges from getting different computer systems to share information to editing copy for clarity and impact.  In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors, biking, music, and travel.

  • Kim King, Senior Project Manager

    Kim King, Senior Project Manager

    Mrs. King is in charge of developing and implementing all marketing and communication strategies for the Bowen Learning Network companies.  She is responsible for making sure that our public message is clear, concise, and attractive across a variety of channels including social media, web advertising, and print ads. In addition to marketing, she manages special projects, webinar production, and a variety of bookkeeping assignments.

    Since 2007, Mrs. King has had a variety of responsibilities including client support, bookkeeping, product development and all of the other administrative tasks that make a company tick.

  • Todd Punke, Vice President of Development

    Todd Punke, Vice President of Development

    Mr. Punke is responsible for initiating and managing business relationships for the benefit of the Bowen Learning Network companies. This includes the negotiation of terms and conditions of contracts, performing client research and analyzing data to be utilized in client relations, product development, and marketing. 


  • Nate Hamilton, System Administrator

    Nate Hamilton, System Administrator

    With our increasing technology needs, Mr. Hamilton is here to help both us and our clients keep up with the constant IT developments and changes. Mr. Hamilton continues to be instrumental in keeping all of our systems operating smoothly.


  • Jenny Warnasch, Administrative Assistant

    Jenny Warnasch, Administrative Assistant

    Ms. Warnasch is responsible for general administrative tasks including client support, bookstore order fulfillment, and product support. She helps keep things running smoothly at the Bowen EHS office.