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Certificates are emailed to you once you complete the required work for your course or webinar. It may take 10-15 minutes to arrive in your inbox.

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You can watch recordings on any device with an up-to-date web browser.

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Online Review Participants:

In the event you fail your exam, you may use our guarantee to repeat the same online review course at no additional cost. For example, if you attended the ASP® Online Review course and need to sit for your ASP® exam again, you may not attend an ASP® - CSP® combined online review for free. However, you can attend a future ASP® (only) Online Review course at no cost. 

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It depends on two factors:  a paid-for Companion Toolkit, Practice Tool, Continuing Ed Package, or enrollment in an exam prep course that starts with a year (i.e. 2022, 2023, etc.). Luckily, this is all pretty easy to figure out. The latest date that you can find is your expiration date.

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Materials shipped to you

As long as they last. Examples include a course notebook and the practice calculator.

Materials and activities inside the course in the Bowen EHS® Learning Center

One (1) year from the course start date. This includes lecture and homework review recordings, homework pages and solutions, access to submit answers, and other resources. Most can be downloaded for personal use.

Study Tools included with The Companion Toolkit

Access to The Companion Toolkit begins on the day course payment is received and ends on the same date that the exam prep online review course access ends (see above).

The short answer is no. Bowen EHS provides exam preparation for OEHS certification exams. You need to apply through the appropriate OEHS certifying board to sit for the certification exam.


View Board for Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) Info 


View Board for Global EHS (BGC) Credentialing Info


View Institute of Hazardous Materials Management Info

Bowen EHS accepts payment via credit card, PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, and check. If you are registering through an Apple device, you may be able to use Apple Pay.

  • We do not accept purchase orders as payment (however, we are happy to add a PO# to an invoice.)
  • We do not administer payment plans.  (You may be able to set up a 4 installment plan through your PayPal account.)
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A group is made up of two or more people who decide to take the same course at the same time. These can be friends, associates, or coworkers.

Participants register and pay individually. During the registration process, choose the With Others option and provide the names of your groupmates.

All registrations must be completed within seven (7) days of the first registration of the group to qualify for the group discount.

This is a question you need to determine for yourself. We have put together some items to research and consider before answering that question.

Please choose one of the following:

ASP and CSP certifications
CHMM certification
CIH Certification

The study questions and their solutions are found in the Bowen EHS® Learning Center.

You need to sign up for the Free Questions Tool for access to the Learning Center. The solutions for the last four study questions can be found in the Free Questions Tool area.

Access to a Practice Tool or The Companion Toolkit is required to view additional study question solutions.

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Help Topics

Computer and Technical

How do I tell which browser I am using?

Find out what a browser is and what yours is called.

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How do I take quizzes?

This also applies to entering your homework answers, practice exams, and final exams.

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Billing, Payments and Registration

Can I sign up for a course and pay later?

The short answer is yes. There are two caveats: early discounts and being fully registered for a course.

Early Payment Discounts

These discounts apply to the time of payment. If you pay after the early payment deadline, you will pay the regular amount. Simply signing up does not guarantee you the early payment discount.

Full Registration

Your payment secures your registration for the course. We will not ship your course materials or fully enroll you in the course without payment. 

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What if someone else is paying for my course?

Please start your registration for your Exam Prep Course, Study Tool, or Continuing Ed Package. After you finish the first part, you will be sent a payment link via email and notified on your screen that it's time for billing and payment information. Stop registering and send the payment link to the person who will pay. Once they complete the payment, you will be notified via email and be given access to your purchase in the Bowen Learning Center.

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ASP®, CSP® Certifications - BCSP

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) is recognized as the leader in high-quality credentialing for safety, health, and environmental practitioners in order to enhance the safety of people, property, and the environment.

Bowen EHS provides courses for clients wishing to take the ASP® and CSP® certification examinations. The actual examinations are administered by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP). To find out more about certification and your eligibility, please contact the BCSP® directly.

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CHMM and CHMP Certifications - IHMM

The Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM), a not-for-profit organization founded in 1984, has been protecting the environment and the public’s health, safety, and security through the administration of credentials recognizing professionals who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge, expertise, and excellence in the management of hazardous materials.

Over 15,000 homeland security, environmental protection, engineering, health sciences, transportation, and public safety professionals have earned IHMM’s accredited Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) or Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner (CHMP) credentials.

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Courses, Study Tools, and Packages

Which ASP®-CSP® Course is right for me?

Bowen EHS offers three separate online reviews for the ASP® and CSP® certification exams administered by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP). Below are a few statements to help you determine which course will best meet your needs. 

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What are Sections?

We offer some courses at different times and/or days to accommodate different schedules. Each offering is a section and covers all the course materials. You are free to attend the lectures from each section that fit your schedule. All lectures are recorded for you to review as well. During registration, we ask you to choose the section that you will attend most often as this helps us prepare for each section.

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Quiz Game Apps Support

How do I access solutions to the Quiz Game questions?

If you have access to The Companion Toolkit or the associated Practice Tool, you can access the solutions to quiz questions through the links on the review screen after your game.

quiz game view solution

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How do I turn off the sound or change text size?

Each app has a control panel at the bottom of each screen. The buttons look like this:

quiz game controls

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