Where are the study question solutions?

The study questions and their solutions are found in the Bowen EHS® Member Center.

You need to sign up for a Free Membership for access to the Member Center. The current solutions can be found in the Free Resources course. Premium Members also have access to all study question solutions.

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How do I know when my Premium Membership Expires?

It depends on two factors:  a paid Premium Membership and enrollment in our courses that start with a year (i.e. 2013, 2014, etc.). Luckily, this is all pretty easy to figure out. The latest date that you can find is your expiration date.

The very first step is to go to My Home in the Member Center.

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Renewing your Premium Membership does not give you extended access to your course(s).  We do not extend access beyond their original terms for each course.

Paid Premium Membership

  1. Look for the Your Membership block in the sidebar.
  2. You will see an expiration date for any Premium Membership you paid for directly below Your Membership. Read below if you also are enrolled in a course or do not see an expiration date.

Course Enrollment

On your My Home page, click the summary icons summary icon to the right of each course that starts with a year (i.e. 2013, 2014, etc.) and look for the date that follows Premium Member access.

Do I have Premium Membership access?

You can have Premium Membership access because of one of the following:

  • You purchased a Premium Membership that is still current.
  • You received it as part of your recent enrollment into a Bowen EHS course.

It is really simple to find out if you currently have Premium Membership access.  Just try to enter the Premium Resources area of the Bowen EHS® Member Center. To make it easy, you can use the button below. (You may be asked to sign in along the way.)

The answer is...

...if you see Premium Member links listed along with tabs or sections labeled Resources, Podcast Library, Forums / Discussions, etc. ...if you see the words Enrollment options and a message further down the page stating "You can not enroll yourself in this course."

 Wondering when your premium membership expires?  See: How do I know when my Premium Membership Expires?

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Which course can I repeat under the Bowen EHS Guarantee?

Online Review Participants:

In the event you fail your exam, under our guarantee you may repeat the same review course at no additional cost. For example, if you attended the ASP Online Review course and need to sit for your ASP exam again, you may not attend an ASP/CSP combined online review for free. However, you can attend a future ASP (only) Online Review Course at no cost. 

Workshop Participants:

Clients that do not pass their certification exam can attend the online review course that covers the same list of topics. For example, if you attended an ASP/CSP Workshop, you may attend a future ASP/CSP Online Review Course at no cost. However, you may not attend an ASP (only) Online Review Course.


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