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Do I have Access to the Companion Toolkit?

You have access to the Companion Toolkit if:

  • You purchased the Companion Toolkit within the last six months.
  • You received it as part of your recent enrollment into a Bowen EHS Exam Prep course.

Which Study Tool is right for me?

All study tools include resources and activities to help you study on your own for your OEHS certification exam.


How long do I have access to my exam prep online review course?

Materials shipped to you

As long as they last. Examples include a course notebook and the practice calculator.

Materials and activities inside the course in the Bowen EHS® Learning Center

One (1) year from the course start date. This includes lecture and homework review recordings, homework pages and solutions, access to submit answers, and other resources. Most can be downloaded for personal use.

Study Tools included with The Companion Toolkit

Access to The Companion Toolkit begins on the day course payment is received and ends on the same date that the exam prep online review course access ends (see above).

Which ASP®-CSP® Course is right for me?

Bowen EHS offers three separate online reviews for the ASP® and CSP® certification exams administered by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP). Below are a few statements to help you determine which course will best meet your needs. 

What are Sections?

We offer some courses at different times and/or days to accommodate different schedules. Each offering is a section and covers all the course materials. You are free to attend the lectures from each section that fit your schedule. All lectures are recorded for you to review as well. During registration, we ask you to choose the section that you will attend most often as this helps us prepare for each section.


Where are the study question solutions?

The study questions and their solutions are found in the Bowen EHS® Learning Center.

You need to sign up for the Free Questions Tool for access to the Learning Center. The solutions for the last four study questions can be found in the Free Questions Tool area.

Access to a Practice Tool or The Companion Toolkit is required to view additional study question solutions.

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Which course can I repeat under the Bowen EHS Guarantee?

Online Review Participants:

In the event you fail your exam, you may use our guarantee to repeat the same online review course at no additional cost. For example, if you attended the ASP® Online Review course and need to sit for your ASP® exam again, you may not attend an ASP® - CSP® combined online review for free. However, you can attend a future ASP® (only) Online Review course at no cost. 

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