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Do I have Access to the Companion Toolkit?

You have access to the Companion Toolkit if:

  • You purchased the Companion Toolkit within the last six months.
  • You received it as part of your recent enrollment into a Bowen EHS Exam Prep course.

It is really simple to find out if you currently have access to the Companion Toolkit. 

  1. Log into Bowen EHS®  Learning Center using the below button.
  2. Click the "Access Companion Toolkit" button or the link from the Quick Links menu.

The answer is...

...if you see The Companion Toolkit links listed along with tiles or sections labeled Forums / Discussions, Study Sessions, Webinars, etc. ...if you see the words Enrollment options and a message further down the page stating, "You can not enroll yourself in this course."


 Wondering when your Companion Toolkit access expires?  See: How do I know when my Course, Study Tool, or Continuing Ed Package access expires?

Enter The Bowen EHS Learning Center-Companion Toolkit - opens in a new window/tab