Cancellation Policy

Cancellation, Course Transfer, and Refunds

Course Transfer, Cancellation, and Refund Policy

Exam Review Course Transfer

Member shall not be permitted to transfer from one course to another. 

Online courses are provided directly to Member. Registration fees paid by a company for the benefit of an employee (Member) are transferable to a different employee at any time prior to the course start date with written notice from such company to Bowen EHS. Registration fees cannot be transferred after a course begins.

Exam Review Course Cancellation and Refund

Bowen EHS reserves the right to cancel an exam review course at any time with at least one (1) week notice prior to the start date of such course. In such case, a full refund of any registration fees previously paid by Member for that course will be issued to Member.

Member may cancel their exam review course registration and enrollment at any time by WRITTEN notice to Bowen EHS of Member's desire to cancel. Member shall be entitled to a refund based on the date Bowen EHS receives the written notice and the following schedule:

Time from Course Start DateAmount to be refunded
Twenty-one (21)  or more days before Full amount
Twenty (20) days  to one (1) day before Full amount less two hundred dollar ($200) administration fee
Course Start Date to fourteen (14) days after Full amount less three hundred dollar ($300) administration fee
Fifteen(15) or more days after No refund

Professional Development Course Cancellation

Registration fees for Professional Development Courses (PDCs) cannot be refunded once purchased.

Membership Cancellation and Subscription Payment

No refunds shall be issued for paid memberships.

Member may pay for a membership using a recurring payment subscription. When Member cancels their subscription payment, only the renewal is cancelled. The current membership shall complete its current term and no refund shall be issued.

Stored payment methods shall be removed automatically ninety (90) days after expiration date of membership's term. Member may cancel their payment method at any time. Doing so while a membership is active will result in loss of membership access after the expiration date.

Return of Funds and Rebates

Any return of funds, including rebates, shall be returned to the entity that paid for the course.