Help - Billing and Payments

Can I sign up for a course and pay later?

The short answer is yes. There are two caveats: early discounts and being fully registered for a course.

Early Payment Discounts

These discounts apply to the time of payment. If you pay after the early payment deadline, you will pay the regular amount. Simply signing up does not guarantee you the early payment discount.

Full Registration

Your payment secures your registration for the course. We will not ship your course materials or fully enroll you in the course without payment. 

How to pay later easily

Our registration process has two parts: course information and payment. Upon completing the course information part, you will receive a payment link in an email message. You or someone else can use that link to pay via credit card or PayPal at any time. If you are paying by check, please check the box that states pay by Check / Pay Later / Guarantee.

The pay later option only applies to exam prep courses. Payment for a Study Tool or Continuing Ed Package is due at the time of registration.