Help - Billing and Payments

How do I update or remove my subscription payment method?

Sign in to the Bowen EHS Member Center, and look for My Membership on the side of the page. Click on "Manage Subscription", and a new window will open with your Premium Membership subscription details.

If you are looking to cancel your subscription, please see How do I cancel my recurring subscription? article.

On the Subscription Details page, look for the "Payment Information" section.

  1. Use the "Update Payment Information" button (green) to enter a new credit card, bank card, or PayPal account.

  2. Use the "Remove Payment Method" button (red) to remove your credit card, bank card, or PayPal account.

    If you have an auto-renewing subscription and remove your payment method, your next renewal will fail and your subscription will be cancelled for non-payment.


Example Subscriptions Detail Page

info payment for Premium Membership

If you use the "Update Payment Information" button, you will be redirected to a checkout page where you can enter a new payment method.

update payment for Premium Membership

When you're done, you will be returned to the Subscription Details page.

Stored payment methods are automatically removed from our system within 90 days of a subscription's expiration or cancellation date.